Learn From the Best: Lessons From Win League

“What do You value most in your life?” – someone asked me recently. “The people” – was my answer. Those unstoppable minds, tremendous curiosity and willingness to learn, but, most importantly, the idea of being privileged to learn from all those amazing people I found myself surrounded by!
Over the last couple of years, I jumped into the world of startups, disruptive ideas, and astonishing talents. I am meeting people from all over the world, from various walks of life.
What do they all have in common? A tremendous drive to learn, to excel, and help others to grow too.
Among these stellar rock-stars, always ready and willing to help others, is my good friend Amalia Agathou.
Apart from being one of the top influential people in the Startup Ecosystem, running countless projects, being perpetually busy, Amalia has recently launched Win League –  a private network connecting women working in investment and leading innovation and change in various fields of sciencetechnology, and business.
I was among those lucky ones to attend the first Personal Development Day – 360° workshop to unlock your full potential.
When you are an entrepreneur building your company, following your passion tirelessly sometimes might feel like the loneliest place in the universe. It is true to some extent, but not when you are connecting with other fellow entrepreneurs, gathering together around the table, starting conversations, exchanging ideas and supporting each other’s efforts.

Learn From the Best: Lessons From Win League

1) Career Mapping Made Simple by Maria Hvorostovsky

How do you decide on your next career move and strategize your next steps to achieve your career goals?

Maria suggested defining your goals and ambitions first.
What does success look like when you think of it? What do you truly want to place your laser focus on? And what is your next step towards those goals? What would ensure the feeling of fulfillment and empowerment?
  • livelihood & lifestyle
  • body & wellness
  • creativity & learning
  • relationships & society
  • essence & spirituality
  • independence & connectivity

Identify Your Strengths and Expand Your Circle of Influence

What are you good at? What is your contribution to the world?
What do you want to be consistently good at? Find that thread and keep expanding your circle of influence.

2) How to Speak so Others Listen

Best speakers are the best listeners first. – Caroline Goyder
During the workshop, Caroline gave a step by step guide to speaking with power and confidence. We’ve learned how to express yourself clearly, with passion and confidence to persuade. We’ve also learned the tools to ensure that when you speak others sit up and pay attention.
Caroline Goyder presented her book to the world earlier this year called “Gravitas” – Communicate with Confidence, Influence, and Authority.
Every single person has confidence and able to speak confidently and what we should do to get it is to:
  • practice (starting with singing in the shower)
  • train your diaphragm, and
  • know when to shut up (meaning breathing in with mouth closed, which is when we breath in our thoughts and then speaking when we breath out).
I really recommend watching Caroline’s Ted talk below to hear more.

Make sure to get the book that is now taking the world by storm!

3) How to Embody Your Brand Through Authentic Body Language

During this highly interactive session, we worked on finding the authentic body language and communication style that conveys a unique personality perfectly aligned with your brand’s or company’s ethos.

To some, body language that emits confidence is a natural thing but to others it comes with practice. Body language can be learned just like any other skill. You only need to understand and decide what you want to show, get in that state of mind and practice being in that state with your body.

body language quote

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4) Negotiation Practices by Itsaxo Del Palacio

negotiation quote

We discussed negotiation strategies and practices, practical tips to increase your negotiation power and manage conflicts of interest.

5) Personal Branding by Hermione Way

It was a candid heart-to-heart chat with a media personality Hermione Way, on keeping your focus and balance while living publicly, leveraging media to promote your work and fuel your career and practical tips on building your personal brand.
The main lesson from Hermione’s talk was to never be afraid of any challenges in the new “privateless” digital age. Be bold, fearless and creative with your personal brand.
Don’t be scared, have no fear – Hermione Way

In conclusion:
It was an amazing event, and I want to thank all who participated, shared their ideas & passion.

It is tremendously important to go out there, find connections & build your supporting network. Because, according to Maria Hvorostovsky: Your biggest asset is your network. Nurture those relationships!
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Lesya Li

Lesya Li

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Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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