Making Subconscious Mind Work for Our Own Good


We work relentlessly, we motivate ourselves to push harder, dig deeper and go faster in personal development reaching out a little bit closer to this personal pedestal of excellence. Tough situations ask for our quick and confident responses. Although we all may feel as if our life is controlled solely by us, that’s not exactly the case.

All the pallet of moods we have that affects our life is controlled and shaped by our subconscious mind. So is our personal development. So is the speed that we succeed in life with is also controlled by our mind.

All our fundamental beliefs and core values derive from the subconscious. I imagine subconscious mind like this huge library of information. It stores and processes it. Sometimes some pieces of information that sit on its shelves might be hidden from us. We might be unaware of its existence, but it’s there…

Our subconscious works relentlessly day and night without a switch off button. It builds our everything. Starting from body finishing with the way our thoughts run.

Any thought that is set automatically will come true more or less. Because our subconscious mind takes any thought as a command it must obey. So it strives to obey more of those things we think about. It always strives to reproduce your thoughts in reality. So we should take good care of our mind so it would work for us as best as it can.

How can we make subconscious work more effectively for our own good?

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What We Need to Remember About Subconscious

1. It Knows Everything

It’s useful to stop and reflect sometimes on who you are and where you want to be and how far you’ve come from the beginning. When I think about it, the sense of misbalance occurs. Since childhood, we’ve been conditioned into thinking that in order to be HAPPY we should have this, do that and only then we could be so kind to ourselves and LET US be happy.

For instance. You may tell yourself: “If there will be 250 000 dollars on my account, I will FEEL like a happy person”. But if we really want to have something beyond than what we have we shall become someone who is ready for that first.

When we do, what we always do – we get, what we always got before. In order to succeed, we must first take some steps to change ourselves in order to be ready for that success.

Our subconscious mind controls absolutely every vital process in our body. It also knows all the answers to any questions and concerns that arise each day.

2. Ask & Make Sure

I had this numbing idea for years, that the more things I would HAVE, the happier I would BE. But it works the other way around. The more YOU ARE, the more YOU HAVE. By enriching your life you are enriching your BEING. And all the good of “having” comes from “being” if I can put it this way.

What we are and what we do produces what we have. Yes. This is as simple as it gets.

3. What Is Your Mind Filled With?

Take hold of your thoughts and emotions. Make sure your mind is filled with beneficial thoughts and beliefs. I’ve heard somewhere “what consumes your mind, controls your life” and I couldn’t agree with it more.

For example, if we worry unnecessarily over things we exaggerate – our mind goes into a dark place attracting even “more” stressful things and exaggerating them. Then we see our life through the dirty glasses of negativity where everything seems dull and worthless.

We cannot possibly stop thoughts from flowing into our mind. But it’s totally up to us to CHOOSE the way we react to each and every thought.

After all, a thought is just a thought. We are the ones who give it the meaning whether it’s a negative or a positive thought. 

4. What is The Character Of Your Thoughts?

Lately, I’ve been practicing mindfulness of thoughts. I was surprised to the extent of my ignorance towards this subject. Anyway, at least I’ve started. As I said earlier, we are in charge of putting a label on thoughts. Naturally, the “character” of our thoughts is an exact reflection of that label we put on it earlier.

So I began with a simple observation of what was going on in my head. At first, the whole process seemed messy and I didn’t really want to put both feet down into that business. And a short while after that, I realised that I have to disengage all the negative thoughts from being linked to my emotions.

It takes a time to be able not to react straight away to anything that crosses our mind. The more we are in charge of the character of our thoughts, the better our mood and overall results will be from there.

5. Caught In The Middle

Whenever I felt caught in the middle and like there was not a person in the world able to help me, I went into the downward spiral of panic and anxiety. And I would stay in that grim state for a while. Until one night. Right before drifting into sleep I just said: “If somebody can really hear me, please show me the way out of this mess”. In the morning, I felt fresh and energised and during lunch, an epiphany hit me about the solving the problem.

I was wondering what really happened that night. And I realised that the one who helped me was my subconscious mind that had all the answers in its pockets. All I needed to do was to ask for its help…

6. The Unlimited Power

I believe that our mind possesses unlimited power. The more we develop the abilities of our mind by enriching and expanding it, the better our life becomes. The better we feel about ourselves and the more confident we become on our life journey.

What I’ve realised recently is that the greatest friend I will ever get was sitting within me since the day 1 and it’s called a subconscious mind. It strives for the best. It works relentlessly on helping and figuring out the ways from tough and challenging situations. It puts mechanisms in place to prevent us from excessive worrying, hurting and spending energy on fruitless exercises like obsessing about the past…

Our mind is our true virtue and power. And we all should be friends with it so it would work for us as best as it can.
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