Discover 4 Practical Tips to Being More Creative

Whether you are an artist or someone who is engaged in work not normally called creative, building a strong foundation of self-nourishing habits can infuse new life in your work. What are some of the habits that you can start building today? Discover more now...

8 Productivity Habits That You Need to Know About

I have been backpacking around the world for 1 year now, and one question I often get from fellow writers is, "how are you so productive? How do you get so much writing done on the road?" It wasn't always this way. At the beginning of my travels I was incredibly UNproductive - writing 1 or 2 measly articles each month. It took time to discover and develop the habits that almost all productive people abide by - and the difference is enormous. Not only am I publishing daily these days, but I've found 100s of new readers and made ton of new friends because I'm finally a consistently high performer. There are 8 essential productivity habits here that anyone can develop. Even by focusing on one or two at a time, you'll find your personal productivity takes a great leap forward.

When Thoughts Pull You in Different Directions, Do This

Have you ever driven from Point A to Point B and not remembered the drive? Or have you ever got off the phone with someone and forget what you just talked about with them? Or have you ever been so worried and anxious about the future that you miss out on what's happening in the present? You may even felt stuck like you can't see a solution to a problem and all you think about is the problem and you miss what's happening around you. If any of this sounds familiar to you, you are...

How to Stay Calm Regardless The Circumstances

I happened to have a friend who is permanently calm. His car brakes down unexpectedly? No problem. Running late with deadlines at work? No problem. The world crumbles and falls apart? No problem: grab a bucket of popcorn, sit calmly and observe. For years, I thought that my friend was a brute who didn't care much about anything. It was far from the truth.