how to be happy

8 Great Important Tips on Making Your Life Happier

I always dreamt of being truly happy. I wanted a life without the worry, the wanting and the questioning. Well, the happy life I thought I wanted is nothing like the happier life I lead now. In fact, I didn’t know it at the time but my dream life was anything but happy. Be OK with the fact that your happier life may be different then what you imagined.

Can You Find Happiness? 6 Tips to Get Started

Some of us might assume that happiness is as natural as day is to night, and so it should be. But for some others, like I used to be, if you’ve never known how to be happy, or if you’ve always been snuffed when you appeared happy, you start to learn that it’s not right to be happy. Worse still, if your life has just been a series of unfortunate events and traumas, you simply can’t feel happy...

How to Stay Calm Even When Times are Tough

It’s the difference between riding the waves on the top of the ocean where it's tumultuous, and having a deeper awareness that you are the ocean, where you do not experience the up and down because you are in the steadiness of the depth. The ups and downs of the ocean still take place, but you do not experience them as tumultuous. The path to knowing who you are is not expecting your life circumstances to turn to gold, it’s the experience of staying in the joy of your beingness no matter what arises...

This Might Make You Happy and Stress-Free

Granted, we all give things different meaning according to our life experience, the way we think and tend to reflect, but… Why is it so addictive to think and react to the negative things? Why it is so challenging sometimes to stay truly present, to enjoy the very moment of our existence NOW? We live now. Not in the past, nor in the future. We live in the NOW. Your Ability to Appreciate and Enjoy the Moment of NOW is What Matters the Most!

Changing Today for a Better Tomorrow: 5 Simple Steps

Granted, nothing stands still and everything stirs in the constant flow of everlasting change. Whether we like it or not, everything's changing. Resistance? It's pointless. The question is simple: are we interested to introduce some mild yet mindful changes into our daily life? Are we interested changing our ways today for a better tomorrow? Is it really necessary? How happy we are today? How happy we are with things that happen around us?