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How to Let Go of the Burdens That Hold You Back

When you think of the phrase 'letting go', it conjures up all sorts of images, thoughts and feelings doesn't it? Freedom, free falling, a sigh of relief, moving forwards, uncertainly - all kinds of things. Learning to know how and when to let go has been a big one for me. Letting go ultimately enables me to stress less, sleep more, feel free and just 'be'. It also brings up fear and uncertainty but for me, that's much better than the stress, angst and anxiety of clinging on. The thing about letting go is that in today's society we're not really conditioned to embrace it. It's all about being proactive and making stuff happen. Also, as someone building a business, there are many things I need to do and goals to achieve and 'letting go' doesn't really support that notion of work, work, work until you succeed! However, what I have found - in all areas of life actually, is that by letting go you let in all the things that in some weird, mystical or mysterious way, work for you so that all that graft doesn't feel quite so much like the 'sweat, blood and tears' we apparently need to endure to get things done.

5 Quirky Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

When the walls are closing in and you’re feeling an avalanche of emotions, you’ve simply got to do something to break the momentum your brain is building. I’m sure that health experts and psychologists could offer practical tips for disrupting an undesirable mental pattern, but I’m here to offer some offbeat advice that takes no training (and not a lot of time to do it!).

Embracing Passion and Leaving Comfort Zone For Good

The funny thing about any comfort zone is that we can only live in them for so long before we're bound to get bored. Bored of the repetition. Bored of the monotony. Bored of living each day exactly the same as the last. Bored of not reaching our full potential. There is a way out though...

One Solid Choice You Won’t Regret

I've spent years caring about what people thought of me, and comparing myself to others, and choosing to do things against my heart's desires. I was seeking external approval, or tried hard to "become" someone who I was not in order to please others. But then I've decided to do something that changed my life forever...

8 Smart Ways to Make Room for Fun and Passion in Your Life

Very often, time management is considered just as a way to get more done, but in reality, it is something completely different. In fact, it’s a fine way to integrate the good and enjoyable components in your daily life. And in order to do that, you’ll have to use some solid time management strategies. I have gone through eight strategies in this post, so make sure to implement the advice in your own life - either as is or by creating your own versions of them. Take action now and witness the fun and passion come back to your life in no time! Live with passion.

When in Doubt: 5 Effective Tips for Easy Decision-Making

My struggle to make big decisions wasn’t limited to my career. I remember lying awake in the middle of the night, wondering whether I should or could remain in a relationship with someone who had repeatedly betrayed my trust but who I deeply loved. All of these situations had one unwanted element in common: fear of making the “wrong” decision. How can we bring ease and peace to the decision-making process? Here is what has worked for me, and I believe it will work for you, too...

When Thoughts Pull You in Different Directions, Do This

Have you ever driven from Point A to Point B and not remembered the drive? Or have you ever got off the phone with someone and forget what you just talked about with them? Or have you ever been so worried and anxious about the future that you miss out on what's happening in the present? You may even felt stuck like you can't see a solution to a problem and all you think about is the problem and you miss what's happening around you. If any of this sounds familiar to you, you are...