letting go

Trust Your Path: When It’s Time to Break Free

It’s easy to get swept up in the hype of what everyone else is doing. It’s even more easy to lose yourself when you’re in a group following a certain path. I was part of a group of people who enrolled in a personal development course, and while it was a powerful and life changing course, something inside of me felt off. It was time to break free.

Hidden Reasons Why We Suck at Getting What We Want

Do you ever wonder why you’re not getting what you want? Maybe it’s the job, the relationship, the money, the passion, the excitement, or the love? Well, here’s the good news – you’re not alone. This is something many of us struggle with on a constant basis. I am here to tell why these limiting beliefs are blocking you off from getting what you want and how to begin confronting and combating them. Still not getting what you want? Here's why.

How to Let Go of the Burdens That Hold You Back

When you think of the phrase 'letting go', it conjures up all sorts of images, thoughts and feelings doesn't it? Freedom, free falling, a sigh of relief, moving forwards, uncertainly - all kinds of things. Learning to know how and when to let go has been a big one for me. Letting go ultimately enables me to stress less, sleep more, feel free and just 'be'. It also brings up fear and uncertainty but for me, that's much better than the stress, angst and anxiety of clinging on. The thing about letting go is that in today's society we're not really conditioned to embrace it. It's all about being proactive and making stuff happen. Also, as someone building a business, there are many things I need to do and goals to achieve and 'letting go' doesn't really support that notion of work, work, work until you succeed! However, what I have found - in all areas of life actually, is that by letting go you let in all the things that in some weird, mystical or mysterious way, work for you so that all that graft doesn't feel quite so much like the 'sweat, blood and tears' we apparently need to endure to get things done.

Finding Balance Between Holding on and Letting go

Somebody told me, that life is a balance of holding on and letting go. And I couldn't agree more. It's not easy to learn to let go. But here is a thing about our homes and our lives: we either collect dust-gatherers that fail to fill our lives with meaning, or we hold things that really fill our lives with something of great value.

The Root of Envy and How to Cut it Immediately

We see other people going through life passing us by in "better" cars, having better relationships, kids, jobs, travelling adventures, opportunities and a bundle of astonishing achievements... Granted, we don't see the whole story behind the facade of someone else's "perfect" life. What we keep telling ourselves are the stories why we don't have what they have, or even worse, why we don't deserve to have better things in our lives. It's hard to feed an ungrateful wolf – it never seems enough. We go through Facebook updates and wonder even more how come that our friends seem to have more blessings, more joy, more fun... they seem to have it all. That awful feeling with a hot flush of jealousy overtakes our minds and souls and drifts us further away from focusing on the good that we already have in life. We seem to forget all at once that gratitude is the antidote to envy. It's easy to forget it while we are in a slump of envy, but it essential to remember when we are taking action to get out.