This Will Lead You to Unstoppable Self-Confidence

Confidence comes from experience and experience comes from trying new things and occasionally failing... then trying again without stopping. In everything: studying, work, love, relationships, fulfillment. The more we stubbornly choose to expose ourselves and say yes to experiences, the more we are getting out there no matter how bumpy the road of exploring gets. We learn we grow; we move on to new lessons... like opening an advent calendar – one day at a time.

How to Stay Calm Even When Times are Tough

It’s the difference between riding the waves on the top of the ocean where it's tumultuous, and having a deeper awareness that you are the ocean, where you do not experience the up and down because you are in the steadiness of the depth. The ups and downs of the ocean still take place, but you do not experience them as tumultuous. The path to knowing who you are is not expecting your life circumstances to turn to gold, it’s the experience of staying in the joy of your beingness no matter what arises...

6 Steps Towards Peace and Contentment

Once upon a time, there was a season for resolutions and realignment. Nowadays, that season is every day. This shift of focus created a powerful revolution in my life. I started being nice to myself, forgiving the blemishes, leaving room for growth and encouraging the best. It was a love revolution. The ugly parts suddenly weren’t so bad, and the bad parts really weren’t so bad after all. Best of all, I felt – well – perfect. Perfect just as is. How did I do it? By following these basic steps....

4 Tips to Find Peace in The Midst of Chaos

How true is our path? Down what road do we so proudly march? Are we, the human race, really heading in the right direction or are we puppets still to our former ways, dancing the same old dance on a brand new stage? The next evolution will be an evolution of the mind, of our thoughts and our ways. We must stand at the forefront of our times and embrace this coming wave of new thinking and new being. Perhaps you are already well down the path of self-improvement and committed to bettering the world. Even still, consider adopting these four practices for just 21 days. They will, if honestly observed and carried out, bring about dramatic and lasting improvement in every part of you: mind, body, and self-image. Find Your Peace in the Midst of Chaos...

This Might Make You Happy and Stress-Free

Granted, we all give things different meaning according to our life experience, the way we think and tend to reflect, but… Why is it so addictive to think and react to the negative things? Why it is so challenging sometimes to stay truly present, to enjoy the very moment of our existence NOW? We live now. Not in the past, nor in the future. We live in the NOW. Your Ability to Appreciate and Enjoy the Moment of NOW is What Matters the Most!

Accepting and Loving Yourself: Exactly the Thing That You Need

I believe narcissism is a big piece of the puzzle. For a long time, I held back from loving myself because I thought it was selfish and narcissistic. I thought to be a good person; you should concentrate on loving and taking care of other people. I thought if I was a good enough person, then someone else would discover my goodness and maybe decide I was loveable too. Then, I thought, I would feel loved. I understand now that being narcissistic is actually the exact opposite of self-love. Being narcissistic means living in service to the person you think you “should” be, rather than unconditionally loving yourself just the way you are! Do you find it challenging to truly love and take care of yourself?

Attract the Love You Desire With the Power of Choice

I went to Brazil to find myself, and I found love. Was it always easy? NO. There were many seemingly insurmountable obstacles to John and I being together and making it work. And 10 years later, that insurmountable love is brighter, stronger and lovelier than ever. When we make a commitment to choose love—just unabashedly choose love—the universe will answer us. Does it always show up in the perfect little package we expect? No, not always. But if our energy and vibration is pure, consistent and true—it will come to us. Love is our natural state. Love is the truth of who we really are. Love is our birthright.