The Key to Make Your Dreams Come True


We dream every day. Our imagination filled with a universe of images of things we want to experience. That warm stream dreams brings us hope. It inspires anticipation of one day. The day we we get to experience something from that abundant kaleidoscope of fantasy here, in reality…

Time passes by. Some dreams fade away. And from that distant perspective, they often seem to become not that important as they used to be. What happened? What exactly could have changed in the way we feel? Why do some dreams stay under cover without ever becoming a reality?

Why Some Dreams Never Come True?

“Some dreams are meant to stay dreams” – my granddad once said. And when I asked him why he looked at me with his wise eyes and replied: “Don’t ask me why… It’s just the way it is”. Some people would have dropped it there, but that reply of my granddad sent me wondering. Why do some dreams never come true?

1. A Set of Limiting Beliefs


Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself. Because you are definitely listening. We have to be careful choosing our default internal voice. We have to be in charge and make sure it is set to encourage. We tend to limit ourselves a lot by projecting failures that we have experienced in the past onto our future. That is why successful people surround themselves with even more successful people. Why? The more you see success around you, the more you have opportunities to learn. The more you believe in your abilities to shoot for the Moon.

When it comes to limiting beliefs we have to question each and single one of them. We have to find people or stories that teach us how to overcome our limits until that habit of a doubt turns into: “Yes! I can do that!”

2. That Dream Never Belonged to YOU

Some “dreams” are planted in our mind by someone else. For instance, my mom is a successful doctor. And all I’ve heard when I was growing up was: “Wouldn’t it be nice if you were to became a surgeon? Just like me, you know, to save people’s lives”?

I guess it would have been lovely if only I didn’t faint each time I saw blood 🙂 Just kidding. Am a regular blood donor by the way! But you see the point. I never became a doctor. That was a dream of my mom which she accomplished. Must I add that my grandma at some point in the past insisted on my mom to become an accountant just like she did?!

Some dreams belong to others. And those others see a different picture of future you and sometimes we give into those dreams. Yet, they often never realize that this is not something that you wanted with all your heart.

3. Mind Management

Thoughts are relentless. So is the mess they leave behind storming from one side to another chasing each other. Today we want to become a photographer, taking up classes and buying more lenses. Tomorrow we throw that idea away and take guitar lessons instead. The day after we might consider doing something different. The problem is that sometimes we spread our attention all over without focusing on one thing at a time.

4. As Fake as Hollywood Smile…

Some dreams are FAKE! We might think something like I want to become a star! I want to become a singer (in the hopes of becoming accepted and loved by the millions). Yet, most of the time, what we DREAM about is to be happy, healthy, to travel more and to be with our close ones… We think of becoming rich and famous because we believe this is the quickest way to achieve those things. So don’t dream about how you will get to your ultimate goal. Dream about your actual ultimate goal and your mind will figure out how to get there.

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5. Dreaming and Waiting

When we sit staring into the ocean facing harsh winds and wait for the clouds to pass us by, we don’t need to do anything. We just need to sit and wait for a better sunny day to arrive. With dreams, it’s different. We often dream about complex situations to resolve themselves. We might even get fixated with our fantasy to become a reality. And then we dream and wait just like we wait for a better day when it’s stormy outside. But that’s not how dreams come true. Of course, we have to take action. We are not talking about fighting the storm. We are talking about following your inner voice when it tells you to do something and you know that doing it will get you closer to your dream. If we drag something by its tail, eventually the tail will fall off.

The Key to Make Your Dreams Come True

Let’s think about our subconscious mind. Let’s consider the connection between our mind and accomplishments (making our dreams come true). Subconscious is strong and powerful tool in accomplishing your goals and dreams. It also should be equally held responsible for the missteps as much as for your success.

We need to check what influences our subconscious: beliefs and thoughts, motivation and action.

How To Control Our Subconscious?

1. Visualisation Matters

Play your own movie and visualize yourself successful, full of energy and happy. Dream as if your dream already is true. See it in every little detail. Try to feel what the future you will feel when you achieve your dream. Make it real in your mind. Your subconscious will get a signal that it is possible because you ‘already lived that reality’. And because of how it will make you feel, your subconscious will use all the tricks up its sleeve to get you there.

2. Replay… Replay… Replay

Remind yourself of the things you WANT to come true. This could be a note on your wall, affirmations on your mirror or a dream board with the things you dream of pinned to it. Whatever works, do it.

Replay and repeat your dreams daily. The law of attraction is not something magical made up by the writers of The Secret book and film. The law of attraction works by focusing your subconscious mind on your dreams and goals. And it will pick the smallest signals and situations out of the noise and attract your attention to them. Our brain is powerful, it subconsciously processes an immense amount of information around us.

The mind will direct your attention to the information that  you need to turn dreams into reality. That’s what we call a coincidence. Coincidences happen when we act upon the information given by our subconscious!

3. Check Your Emotions

Emotions are powerful tools in turning your dreams into reality. Whenever I wish for something to happen, I feel is a warm sense of energy and a true feeling that I WILL GET WHAT I WANT. And I always feel confident about that statement, that is why it never failed me. Not once.

I learned something profound when I attended Tony Robbins’conference. He was super energetic the whole time he was on stage.

Tony pointed out on the importance of emotions. Learn how to create the right state of mind for every situation.

The way to bring any feeling to any situation is to remember the time when you felt the same way and to live that moment again in your mind. When you need to get energy going, try fast movements, do some jumps, move your body and this will bring the desired effect. Emotion was created by a motion! 

May all of your dreams come true! Feel it, make it happen and Good Luck!

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Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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