Where Does The Knowledge Come From?

For me, my school was the most boring place on Earth and I have no regrets finishing it years ago and leaving all the “fun” memories behind. While our parents are working really hard educating us before school and trying to boost our imagination and creativity – most of the educational process in school is there to standardise the way we are thinking.  Most of it has a “good enough” approach and really influences our curiosity! I remember myself getting into trouble on many occasions and caught daydreaming 10000 miles away from a classroom and one-sided opinions of my teacher so eager to induce very “valuable”  knowledge about the importance of learning by heart some equation which I would never use again in my life. education Last year when I was visiting my relatives in Europe I had an interesting conversation with one of my cousins. When I asked him why did he choose to be a teacher, a reply I’ve received rather surprised me: “Why I became a teacher? Is simple. To be in charge of student’s opinions. Guide them and teach them what to believe in…” Errrm, what?!

I was shocked and stunned at the same time. “How many of like-minded “teachers” are out there?” – I thought to myself. “Well, how about giving your students a creative approach to achieving the knowledge from as many sources as possible and learning how to choose what to believe in for themselves?!” – I sincerely asked and in reply the only thing I received was a blank stare as if I was saying something out of this world! Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives… –  Tony Robbins 

Where Does The Knowledge Come From?


My teachers told me to read the newspapers so I could “understand” what’s going on in the world. But I was never interested in the Media games with people’s attention and mind. I guess it just never got me completely. So instead of searching the ultimate knowledge from newspapers I dig deeper into books, arts, travelling  people and life itself. So it is a good thing we are adults now and we have the freedom of choosing our own sources of inspiration… We have the right to discover whatever we might be interested in without being afraid of judgement and worried looks of our parents thinking that it might bring us no money or fame they were seeking for us to discover. Of course, they only see one way of achieving happiness and it is their way… They often forget that happiness is doing what YOU want, where YOU want and as much as possible and succeeding in something that just FEELS right... The truth is – inspiration strikes unexpectedly. But what do I usually do to invite it and be a part of my daily life? What do you usually do to enrich your whirlpool of knowledge?

Finding Effective Sources of Knowledge

1.Wisdom and Experience

By this time you gained priceless experience, which is a sum of defeats and great success stories, you can learn from and be proud of. What are the lessons have you learned from each and single one of them? What are the sources of wisdom you are mindfully choosing every day? Is that a good old movie, or better yet a book? Is that a song that inspires you? Or a poem that runs through your mind every now and then?

2. In Sync With Interests

You have hobbies and interests, right? What are the main sources for you to obtain more information about the things you like? Are you signed for the weekly digest of that fancy blog about photography you might be so interested in… Or maybe you are at the beginning of your way as a skydiver and seeking the knowledge without knowing where to begin digging. Sign up for a local meet-up and be in sync with people and ideas you might have in common. Or get an RSS reader on your computer, phone or tablet and fill it up with various sources from the internet which will be delivered to you daily to learn more and more about the topics that inspire you.

3. Action!

Be more out there taking experience from each and every source. If somebody invites you to take up a hot air balloon flight or go outdoors and it’s raining – say yes and go out there. Take action no matter what the reasons are for you to stay in your shell. Better yet take MASSIVE action and live your life to the fullest gathering knowledge as if it represents rare diamonds!

4. In a Good Company

I will never stop stressing it enough how extremely important is the circle of friends that you are choosing in your life. The ideas you are exchanging and the life-experience itself is priceless. So make sure everything is in harmony and never goes against the system of beliefs that you have collected. When I’m inspired I feel as if I am in tune with everything. I feel the rise of energy in every aspect of my life, especially writing, poetry and art – all of these subjects my teacher was so eager to convince me were “useless” and never worth a try. But instead of following the “advice” and cutting something out of the knowledge that I desire to get and choosing only those subjects that surely will bring some money – I’m choosing and inviting EVERYTHING that expands my mind beyond standards. Anything but ordinary, please!  An endless INSPIRATION! A pure inspiration that life gives us… Life is the ultimate source of inspiration and knowledge.

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