Wish to Improve Your Motivation and Productivity? Try This

  Wish to Improve Your Motivation and Productivity? Try This

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo

Wish to Improve Your Motivation and Productivity? Here’s How

There are many reasons why should someone leave his country of origin. Politics, business, love – it is all legit. You go because you need a new job; you wish to start over because your partner has already left and you want to follow him/her. But the thing is, will you be motivated to work in another country? Will you be able to cope with the new environment and people? Let’s find out how can you get motivated in a foreign country and what are the benefits.

New skills

Working abroad gives you the chance to deal with a variety of jobs that you thought you would never work at home or you had never had the opportunity. Probably you won’t need most of the skills obtained abroad if you decide to get back one day, but those can help in creating interesting stories about yourself on the next job interview. You can extract the skills that you have acquired at the new job abroad and highlight them when applying for a particular job.

New language

The best way to learn a foreign language is going abroad. Regardless the age, this method has proven to be the most useful when it comes to learning. Why? Only because you cannot avoid it. You hear it every day, everywhere you go and you get used to it. Once you do, the process of acquiring it is much easier. Start slowly, but have patience – where there is a will, there is a way. At first, you can always rely on translation apps, just make sure you have installed a ExpressVPN previously because you never know if there are Internet restrictions in the country. If you want to prove yourself at work, and you will be eager to learn it, because one thing leads to another – better language knowledge, better employee.

Communication skills

Same thing as with the language – you can’t avoid communication. You need it on a daily basis. From buying some elementary groceries to discussing some important topics at work, you have to talk and communicate. If not verbally, until you learn some basic language, then non-verbally, but you will find your way to be understood and to understand. If you were shy or an introvert, it will all vanish simply because it is necessary to interact with people. It can and will be hard, but once you start, your life abroad will be easy.


A magical word for success and stability, especially when you are beginning with the new job and you are in a different country. It is important to understand another culture and habits, not only because you will be informed, but because others could understand you. Diversity is a good teacher and there is no better way of learning this then a life in another country. Once you embrace all the differences, you can say that you have developed a high level of tolerance and understanding.


The moment you decide that you want to leave the country, you show a certain degree of confidence. You are decisive and nothing can change your plans. But, when you start working abroad in an environment absolutely unfamiliar to you, with new people and new tasks, new job duties, you may be afraid of failure and defeat. You shouldn’t let this happen, just because you rely on yourself solely and having things under your control can only be a powerful weapon for your success. Besides, there is no such a thing than seeing a person who is self-confident. Your attitude becomes positive and that’s the good energy you are spreading all around. If you decide to get back to your main land, nothing will be a challenge for you anymore.


Last, but not least. Meeting new people is always interesting. You get to know all kind of persons who can show you the ropes and help you find your path while staying in another country. There will be individuals who had been in your situation perhaps, so they can pass their experience to you. If you see that they managed to cope with everything, their stories can motivate you to move on and be strong. After a while, those people become your dear friends; friends you will always remember because they helped.

Don’t be afraid that you will lack motivation for work or your productivity if you decide to go on. There are plenty of reasons proving differently. So, why not? It’s worth trying because things and knowledge you obtain are priceless.

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