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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Submissions are now OPEN. Have a story to share? Send it over to ➞  contributions [at] havingtime [dot] com. Thank you!


Write For HavingTime

Over the last seven years, HavingTime has been incredibly lucky to host hundreds, and we repeat, hundreds of writers, self-development bloggers, successful entrepreneurs from around the globe contributing their unique voices to the community.

Have a story with a profound lesson to share? Welcome to the HavingTime family!

Writing Guidelines:

1.  Pick a captivating title for that reflects upon the content of the post.

2.  Share a story or a challenge that you’ve faced. What did you learn from it?

Here’s a general formula. Tell the readers:

  • What the article is about
  • The benefits, what they will gain from reading it and open some loops
  • The content including theory, practical applications, and examples
  • Any exceptions, ways to practice and how they can find out more (opening more loops where appropriate and closing any that need closing)

 Share an impactful story, with a robust and compelling lesson that other readers could relate to. A personal touch of unique life experience works better in articles than strictly logical, blunt and theoretical tips with a sense of pressing authority.

3. Offer practical insight focusing on helping readers to address similar challenges or help with their aspirations.

Take a moment and think about what you would have wanted to know when you faced that challenge and shared it wholeheartedly. Tell us how you found your bliss, inspiration and what boosted your motivation. Please, make sure that the tone of your article is positive and inclusive.

4.  We accept ONLY ORIGINAL work.

Meaning that your article has never been published before.

5. Please, differentiate your post from similar ones that are already on the site. If you share your very own story with a blend of unique reflections, this will be sufficient enough to diversify it.

6. Please, do not submit posts that actively promote a product or service. We are more than happy to include links in your BIO, but if your post is only about a service or product that you offer, then we are unlikely to publish it.

How to Submit to HavingTime.com

1. Send your post via email using Word/Pages format. We don’t mind the means that you send it to us as we always want to hear from you! Although, hand-written scans would probably be too much for us to handle 😉

2. Pick the structure of your post yourself. We might change it where it makes sense, though.

3. Ensure that your article is between 600-1200 words.

4. Upload your recent photo to gravatar.com and do let us know which email that you’ve used was linked to that website.

5. Send your post to our team: contributions [at] havingtime.com
Write “Contribution” followed by your post title in the subject line.

6. When your Guest Story goes live, please link it back to your blog and share it via your social media network (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or with your friends via e-mail) including StumbleUpon and Reddit.
The more people you involve to view your post the broader exposure your work gets, the better it is both for you and for the HavingTime community.

7. When statistics show that your post attracted a lot of attention and performed formidably well or if you choose to become a regular author of HavingTime  – we will most certainly feature you on our homepage which will bring you, even more, exposure from our daily readers.

Final Thoughts

If your article feels like a good fit for the blog this time around, you will get a response within 14 days. If you don’t receive a response, please feel try again with a different post.

We might ask you to revise to make your story stronger and more articulate, and the original title may be altered before the story goes live.

Your article may be edited for grammar, clarity, and overall style. Should there be any major changes, you will be asked to review and approve it beforehand.

Thank you for your wisdom, experience, and inspiration that you share with us.
We appreciate you!

HavingTime team

* If you’d like to become a top storyteller – get in touch.