Your Reality is The Mirror of Your Thoughts

Your Reality is The Mirror of Your Thoughts

The reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away… – Philip K. Dick

“Your Thoughts Shape Your Reality” – I cannot possibly tell you how many times I’ve heard that without giving it much of a thought. Your thoughts reflect the reality around you – this notion was stalking me in every single book I came across lately, in every single movie I watched, in every single conversation I had with my friends…

I can hardly think of anybody who hasn’t read or watched “The Secret”. The movie and the book (that this movie was based upon) are powerful. With one simple notion that thoughts shape/attract things into our reality.

Regardless how simple that sounds, it was a lot to digest in one sitting. I couldn’t quite grasp its mechanism when I first got familiarized with this idea. And to be completely honest, I didn’t believe that it actually worked.

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I Had a Bad Day!

Have you ever had a bad day? The day you felt as if the whole world was plotting against you? From the crack of the dawn till the midnight. You felt bitter, anxious and stressed. Nothing seemed to work for you that day. Is it familiar to anybody?

I remember one bad day like that. It was my graduation day. I woke up early. It was raining. The cold and unwelcoming day really. Everything seemed to be colored in deep gray. So it all began with a car driving by and splashing dirt on my dress while I was waiting for a taxi. From head to toe, I was covered in dirt. My dress was ruined and so was the rest of my grimy mood. I was angry. I hated the rain, I hated the guy in that car. People on the streets seemed to stare at me with disgust. When I got back to Uni I was late for the ceremony. Everyone stared at me rolling their eyes making nasty comments about my punctuality etc. The day reached its top when I received my diploma only to find out that they made 3 mistakes in it! My date of birth and my surname were written wrong. “What a nasty, awful, horrible day” – I kept clinging to this thought.

The more I thought about how that day really sucked, the worse it got. All jokes aside. It felt like my mind was tangled. It was tangled in negativity. The more it was coming up with new swear words and graphic expressions of the feelings I had inside, the worse the reflection of that day got in reality.

Until it stopped.

When I was about to have a nervous breakdown, my friend grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me as hard as he possibly could. “Wake Up! It’s not the end of the world, Lesya” – he told me. “Don’t let a bad day make you feel as if your whole life sucks!” 

And it suddenly hit me for the first time in my life. I was that magnet that attracted the things into my life. No matter whether they were bad or worse. It was me! It started from me.

Realizing this simple thing was both inspiring and liberating. I started tracking my thoughts. Making my everyday life more mindful.

So, whether you have a good day or a bad day, it really starts from your thoughts! Think about it.

How Visualisation Works

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For instance. Imagine yourself going through the orchard of oranges somewhere in beautiful Spain. It’s warm and you can feel the sun on your face. Oranges fall from the trees and roll to your bare feet. You take one orange. It’s warm and you can feel it in your palm. You start peeling it slowly. The citric fumes and juices released in the air are sweet and you can feel salivating in your mouth. You inhale that sweet sense. You split the orange into pieces and give it a bite. Now, what did that orange taste like?  Can you feel the taste of it? Fresh, juicy and vibrant. You see, there is a drawn line that connects our visualizations with the reality we EXPERIENCE now, already.

We are what we think about. We are everything that crosses our mind. Our thoughts build the reality our life is based upon. And I cannot argue with that.

The most important thing is what YOU think about yourself. Opinions of the others don’t really matter. They will never bring peace to a soul. And frankly, we would never be able to learn for sure what people EXACTLY think about us and how to change it to our taste. The most valuable thing is to be at peace with yourself.

In Conclusion

Try to release the negativity from your life. The more positive feelings and thoughts you generate, the more they will be attracted to your reality. It might be challenging to let go of all the negativity at once, but if we do it one step at a time, our life will change to the better progressively. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Start shifting your focus today to improve your tomorrow. Stay focused and positive!

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