Catherine Colegrave

Catherine Colegrave helps others to overcome anxiety and create a fulfilling, fear-free life. Having suffered from anxiety herself she knows how it could affect your life, career, relationships, health, and confidence. Anxiety can be completely debilitating, all-consuming and relentless, however, it’s 100% curable when treated in the right way. Catherine is a mum of 3 children and after a life-changing event the world as she knew it fell apart, becoming anxious, fearful and feeling utterly broken, having tried numerous different therapies in order to get rid of her own anxiety including CBT, NLP and Hypnosis amongst many others she found her own way through complete anxiety relief. Her experiences propelled her to help other people to become completely free of anxiety whether it’s mild shyness to agoraphobia and panic attacks. Catherine is a trained Anxiety and NLP Coach, she also specialises in confidence coaching for women. Stay in touch with Catherine via Facebook and Twitter 

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