Mind Control: How To Discipline Your Thoughts

Mind Control: How To Discipline Your Thoughts

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. – Buddha

My aunt believes that the reason for her misfortunes can be anyone or anything but herself. She believes in metaphysical interference with her destiny and blames the witches (I’m not joking) and “well-wishers” for all the hell breaking loose in her life. If anything even remotely goes in harmony, she sits and waits for the good times to be over embracing herself in expectation of the worst still to come. She is an utterly fatalistic person. The pattern of her thoughts wears dark shadows. She blames the world for her unhappiness. Moreover, she waits for somebody to take responsibility for that.

The truth is simple. It is way easier to blame the world for your missteps than to see things for what they are. It is way easier to be a victim of negative thoughts without any intentions to change. But where is the fun part of living like that?

How many times have you found yourself in a bad mood for “no good reason”? We need to learn to discipline our thoughts and keep them in check. This way we can make a mindful decision to be happy and feel good. By changing even the smallest thing now, we can improve all our tomorrows.

Mind Control: How To Discipline Your Thoughts

1. Watch Your Thoughts. They Become Your Words

Our words are a pure reflection of our mind. If our thoughts have a peculiar tendency to wear misty decorations, there is a fat chance they will bring along dingy words accordingly. If our mind is swirling in positivity and joy – it will express itself in the most beautiful words imaginable. Every word is charged up with energy. You are the one to decide should it be charged with negativity or positivity.

Watch Your Thoughts

2. Watch Your Words. They Transform Into Actions

The way we think and talk defines how we drift down the river of life. It defines our actions. The mix of our thoughts and words distinguishes our body language and makes our intentions visible to others. Keep that in mind.

Word is a powerful substance capable of changing thoughts, people, and their worlds. Handle your words with care. Take a closer look at the way you decide whether or not to take action. What drives you? Whose words made an enormous impact on your life?

3. Watch Your Actions. They Build Your Habits

All the habits that came into our possession are a fine product of the actions that we consistently repeat. Our habits can wear different masks. It’s a matter of choice. They can be bad and affect our lives in a grim way. They can also be good. But most importantly they can be changed easily. As long as we take new positive actions and repeat them.

4. Watch Your Habits. They Construct Your Character

Have you ever wondered exactly how you are being perceived by other people around you?

There is no way for them to dive into our world of thoughts, emotions, and feelings from our perspective. What is well opened for observation is our words, the stream of our actions and the gallery of our habits. They sum up our habits into our character. That’s how people distinguish us, see what we are made of, what we stand for and why we do the things that we do.


5. Watch Your Character. It Builds Your Destiny

Our destiny is our world of reality. Each and single person has a unique perception of the world around. The world around us was built by our thoughts, actions taken and habits that we inherited from the past.

Although we might be expecting our tomorrow to look nothing like today, we hardly ever get what we expect. Why you ask? That’s because we cannot constantly repeat one thing and expect a different result in return. It’s like heating an iron to its maximum temperature, touching it and then wonder why the hell we burned our fingers. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Or here is another example: we cannot hurt people and keep making them miserable in our company and expect them to like us in spite of this.

If we are stuck in a negative pattern of thoughts, words, habits, and actions – we have to break free and make changes. It is vital for our personal development and general well-being.


Photo by Julia Litvinko