Howard Scalia

Why Giving Up on Someone is Sometimes The Best Thing for You

giving up on a loved one is always an experience that shakes us to our core and you can be sure that your mind will do anything to dissuade you from going through with it. Thankfully, there are still people who decide they don’t want to live a half-life anymore, they turn away from half-love, half-respect, half-peace they struggle to have with someone in order to be whole on their own.... Read More...

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Walking in the Woods

We all know that spending time outside is good for us and our bodies, but sometimes we forget just how important it is to maintain proper physical and mental health. And because of our hectic lives and our 9 to 5 jobs, a lot of us think that it’s too much of a hassle to find time to idly prance around a forest. However, according to new studies it’s a really good idea to spend at least an hour per day outside of your living room, as it can really improve your overall health. In this article, I want to focus on just some of the benefits that spending extended amounts of time in nature can have for your body and your psyche.... Read More...

Howard Scalia

Howard Scalia is 37-year-old former scout leader from Austin, Texas, and one of the best and most trusted writers at When he's not working on some new interesting article, he enjoys taking long walks in the woods with his dogs.

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