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Please read through this page carefully. Submissions that don’t follow our formatting and content guidelines will be deleted.

What is HavingTime?

HavingTime creates a safe space for people to share their stories. When we are going through hardship, it can be hard to feel like we’re not alone. Our purpose is to share personal stories to counter this feeling of isolation and create a wonderful community of sharing and connectedness.

What stories do we feature?

  • Personal stories about significant life transformations
  • Stories that provide actionable physical and mental health tips
  • Advice on how to foster healthy relationships and friendships
  • Stories on how to improve communication
  • Personal accounts of how you have overcome mental and physical wellbeing challenges

…and any story that works with the havingtime mission!

What makes a great story?

  • A story that is personal, touching, honest
  • A story that provides genuine help
  • A story that is engaging
  • A story that is different from others on HavingTime


  1. Write a story that fits with the HavingTime mission
  2. Make sure it is between 500 – 1500 words
  3. Choose a title
  4. Submit the story in the following format:
  • The story MUST be in the body of the email
  • The email subject line MUST be in the format: “Contribution: the title of the piece” (for example – “Contribution: How I overcame sadness”)
  • Include your bio (120 words) with relevant social/web links at the bottom of the email.
  • Include your email address linked to the gravatar profile (photo). Don’t have one? Create one here.
  • Send your post to contributions [at]
  • We work hard to respond to your article within 14 workdays.

Download email format template here.

Disclaimer: The HavingTime team works tirelessly to respond to everyone promptly and feature stories that are truly helpful to our community. To make sure our stories are the best they can we might suggest formatting or title changes. If these changes were to be made, we would send you a version with suggested edits before publishing. If HavingTime and the writer do not reach an agreement, the story will not feature.  

Thank you for your wisdom, experience, and inspiration that you share with the world.
We appreciate you!

HavingTime team

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