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Please read carefully through this page. Submissions that don’t follow our formatting and content guidelines will not be accepted.

We kindly ask you to take a moment to read through this page with care. Submissions that align with our formatting and content guidelines will be warmly welcomed. Now, let us introduce you to HavingTime.

At HavingTime, we humbly strive to embrace better living in our ever-changing world.

Creating a safe and inclusive space is our mission, where people can openly share their stories. We understand that during times of hardship, it can feel overwhelming to face challenges alone. Thus, our purpose is to counteract this sense of isolation by fostering a community rooted in sharing and connectedness.

What kinds of stories do we feature, you may wonder? Stories that delve into significant life transformations, provide actionable tips for physical and mental wellness, offer guidance on cultivating healthy relationships and friendships, explore the art of effective communication, and share personal accounts of overcoming well-being challenges, both mental and physical.

…and any story that aligns with our HavingTime mission!

What defines a remarkable story, you ask? A story that is deeply personal, touching, and honest. A story that offers genuine help and support. A story that captivates and inspires. A story that stands out from others shared on HavingTime.

To ensure a seamless process, please take note of our guidelines:

  • Craft a story that resonates with the HavingTime mission.
  • Keep the length between 500 and 1200 words.
  • Choose a title that captures the essence of your piece (yes, it matters!).
  • Submit your story in the body of the email itself.
  • Format the email subject line as follows: “Contribution: [Title of Your Piece]” (e.g., “Contribution: Embracing Inner Strength”). Download the email format here.
  • Include a brief 120-word bio at the end of the email, along with relevant social and web links.
  • Most importantly, please provide the email address associated with your Gravatar profile (photo). Don’t have one? You can create it here.

Send your thoughtfully crafted story to contributions [at], where our dedicated team strives to respond within 14 workdays.

We want you to know that the HavingTime team deeply values your wisdom, experience, and the inspiration you share with the world. As we review your submission, we may suggest minor formatting or title adjustments to ensure the best possible outcome. Rest assured, we will always share these suggestions with you before publication. In the rare event that an agreement cannot be reached, the story will not be featured on

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wisdom, experience, and inspiration you generously contribute. Your presence in our community is cherished and deeply appreciated.

With love and gratitude,
The HavingTime Team.

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