9 Study Tips for Succeeding in Online Learning

9 Study Tips for Succeeding in Online Learning

How do you get the best out of online learning? If you choose to study online, you gain greater freedom because you prepare your own study schedules, practice time, and you have the freedom to study from any place of your choice. However, it would help if you found a balance between your academic pursuits, career, family, and social communities. 

9 Study Tips for Succeeding in Online Learning

When it comes to online learning, It can be hard to learn when surrounded by other responsibilities. Let’s face it, today’s education is mostly online, and one thing for sure is that it’s important to learn to type fast to improve your online studying routine. That’s why you need to set rules, limitations, and expectations for yourself and follow strict discipline and succeed in online learning. 

How can I improve my online learning skills?

Plan Your Study Time 

You should note the start and end of each semester and prepare a study schedule for the whole semester. Check all the notes for each module and group them according to module progress. 

When it comes to online learning, please always check all the assignments that need your attention throughout the semester and group them according to deadlines. Always stick to the schedule and not let assignment deadlines fall too close before you conclude on them. 

Treat Your Online Learning Just Like a Real Class

There is no much difference between online study and real class except for the absence of a lecturer. Just like working from home does not make your job lesser, you should have the same mindset with your online course. 

Report to the class at the right time and stay on until the set time is over. Attend assignments in time and be disciplined as though there was a lecturer there watching you or giving a lecture. 

Make Learning Online Study Time a Good Habit

Your study time should never be erratic. Instead, set a specific study time each day. If you are working, schedule your study time an hour, like 5 am or earlier, before preparing to go for work. 

You may also set your study time in the evening if you don’t mind evening classes. After you have set your specific study time, follow strict discipline and make it a habit to be in class at that specific time. Imagine attending a physical class that starts at 8 pm. If you go at 10 pm, the lecture hall will be empty. 

Have a Secluded Study Room

Distractions can affect your study routine, especially when it comes to online learning when you need to concentrate really hard. They can come from the TV, family members, visitors, house pets, and so on. Because you are treating your online course just like a real class, minimize all distractions. 

Have a secluded study room and equip it with the right study furniture, colors, and lighting. Let your family members know your study time is private, or lock the door during your study hour. 

Learn to Take Notes

One of the reasons lecturers encourage students to take notes is because they help you remember and form a better reference point. Your short notes should be in point form, meaning you only note the main points. 

Instead of going back to your sources next time you want to revise, it will be easier to refer to your notes. Note also help you understand the concepts fast. 

Increase Your Typing Speed

Each course module has a set time within which you must complete studying it. You must type your notes and save them in your email, Google docs, disks, or any other preferred storage. If your typing speed is too slow, you might get behind schedule completing a given module.  

Make Use of Search Engines

The college will give you limited notes, but you must not limit yourself to what the school sends you. Go online and always search for more sources. If you have access to the college library online, do not hesitate to visit the library and get as much information as possible. You are not limited to the kind of information relevant to your course you can get online. It is important always to go the extra mile. 

Join Online Discussion Groups

College students form online discussion groups to log in and ask any questions related to their course. Other students contribute their thoughts which can be important answers to the information the student is looking for. Join the group/s and be active by posting questions and answers to the other student’s questions. 

Schedule Breaks During Study Time

Your brain cannot concentrate consistently for long. You will begin to get exhausted at some point. A five or ten-minute break after each hour will help relieve stress in your brain. Limit your studies within the weekdays so that you take another long break over the weekend. 


There is no restriction on what kind of online course you can take. The courses offer you a perfect option to earn a degree and increase your career chances in a very competitive world. Because you don’t sit in a lecture hall, it’s easy to be overtaken by other responsibilities and postpone your study time. If you want to succeed in online study, you must choose discipline as a top priority. 

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