Lauretta Zucchetti

Playground Rules: 7 Lessons Children Teach Us

As adults, we’re often preoccupied with thoughts on how we should shape our children: What techniques can we use to influence their behavior?  How can we effectively guide their attitude towards others?  What examples should we set for them? Rarely do we pause to consider the lessons children can teach us.  Simply observe a child, and you’ll learn several of the most important instructions on life and love.... Read More...

Lauretta Zucchetti

Lauretta Zucchetti, a former award-winning executive at Apple and Xerox, has a daughter in college, a number of brag-worthy stamps on her passport, and a set of drums in her office.  A regular contributor to HavingTime, Thank the Now, Self Growth, Soul Friends, and A Band of Women, her work is forthcoming in Literary MamaNothing But the Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women on Life’s Transitions, and Crone: Women Coming of Age. Read more at Lauretta Zucchetti.

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