Mike Jones

How Resistance Bands Workouts Help You Gain Muscle Mass

Resistance bands have been with us for more than 100 years, and the first ones were simply pieces of rubberized tubing. Originally intended just for physical therapy, the bands were quickly revealed to have many health benefits for non-patients as well. Today, there's a resistance band for every exercise need. But if the right resistance bands aren't paired with the right workout program, they essentially become glorified rubber bands. With the right program, these bands don't just offer a vital assist in strengthening muscle mass. Stamina and greater flexibility result as well.... Read More...

How to Help Your Loved One with Mental Health Problems

We like to comfort ourselves with the thought that medicine has advanced so much that few things are still a mystery and that most, if not all, diseases can be resolved. There is only a category of diseases that still cause fear, confusion and anxiety, the ones about which people talk in a low voice – mental disorders. However, even such an extreme situation as having or living with a loved one who has a mental disorder can be survived with the right approach.... Read More...

Mike Jones

Mike Jones has schizophrenia but this doesn't stop him from following his dreams. He became a writer in order to share his experiences and his knowledge. More of his work can be found on his social media handles. Stay in touch with Mike via Facebook and Twitter.  

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