Chris Lovett

How to Remarkably Improve Your Life with Minimalism

Simplicity has its beauty, and it always boils down to eliminating the excess in our lives. And yet media and society try hard to convince us that having more stuff should be the goal and the answer to anything. But is having more actually improving the quality of our lives? Do more possessions add real value to our days? Do more commitments in our diaries help us feel less overwhelmed? Does always chasing the latest gadget on the market helps us feel happier? Hang on, is having more even feasible, especially for those of us who are struggling to make ends meet and pay monthly bills on time? Many people can barely afford enough, let alone more. That's where Minimalism can help to remarkably improve your life on all levels.... Read More...

Chris Lovett

Minimalings is a blog ran by Chris Lovett, career mentor, transformational coach and minimalist who provides support to others through experiences in career, travel, and money all through the lens of minimalism.  

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