Christine Olivia Hernandez

Christine Olivia Hernandez is an author, cacao ceremonialist, first-time screenwriter, and director. Her screenplay is an adapted version of her published book, "A Child of Magic," a fiction based on her journey of remembering serving as a reminder to tap into the inner child, truth, and magic. She enjoys creating, expressing, and helping others through storytelling and cacao ceremonies. Christine’s Guatemalan ancestors have deeply connected her to the gentle plant medicine cacao. In ceremonial settings, she serves the sacred “Gift of gods” and guides her clients back to their hearts with love. She has shared her story and expertise on ceremonial cacao on the TV Show “Soul Reboot” and on several podcasts, including the #1 “Highest Self Podcast” and has a loyal following of over 20,000 people. Stay in touch with Christine Olivia via Instagram or

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