The Amazing Power of Cacao & How it Can Heal Your Heart

Have you ever heard about the fantastic benefits of drinking Cacao? What if we told you that drinking this warm, concentrated chocolate cacao drink could help you with bringing about inner awakening? What if we said that drinking cacao could creatively guide you through life, it could help you release all that pent-up negative energy and start the healing process, would you decline the invitation? Perhaps not. For the taste alone, most of us would be willing to give it a go, if not for the mood-enhancing benefits caused by the rush of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins triggered by the consumption of Chocolate.

The Amazing Power of Cacao & How it Can Heal Your Heart

We are all magical beings on the journey of remembering and recognizing our truth, our magic, and our full potential.

I remember when I was a young magical creature, having been born into the world, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a vivid imagination and deep connection to the truth of who we all indeed are. But then the human experience seeped in, and I forgot who I was. It took me years and many lessons to finally remember. I give thanks to my ancestors, my guides, and Cacao, aka Chocolate, for guiding me back to myself all in perfect timing.

I had a beautiful imagination as a child, and it served me well. I simply wanted to play and believe in fairies and all the magical creatures. But I truly believe my soul came here to learn lessons, and from experiencing many traumas at an early age, the imagination I held onto so tightly couldn’t spare me from the harsh world around me. Yet, those experiences were gifts that I could learn to transmute.

I was raised by a young, single mother who did the best she could. The environment I was raised in introduced me to things that created fear, confusion, and a sense of unsafety deep within me.

In my 20’s, I had nearly sabotaged my life before I recognized that I was trying to numb the pain away and escape reality through food, alcohol, and partying. These actions created significant stomach problems and stress for myself. It took me years to finally listen to my body and become present with a healing process.

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From an outside perspective, it looked like fun and games, but internally I was unhappy for a very long time before I finally turned my life around five years ago.

It was after a yoga class that I realized that I wanted what the yogis had, which was to experience peace and bliss. Not long after, I manifested yoga teacher training in Bali. During the training and on a shamanic journey, I was introduced to ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala.

My ancestors are from Guatemala! I had known that my father was an immigrant from Guatemala, but I had never really gotten to know him in the physical form. He was depressed, in and out of my life all throughout childhood, and eventually took his life when I was 22 years old.

Through this, the cacao spirit gave me an opportunity to connect with him on a much deeper level, which was with his spirit, the most genuine level that is possible. I feel him profoundly and know that he has always been with me, watching over me, and living vicariously through me. This is important to know because, at some point, we will all experience death.

Life and death go hand in hand, and I discovered, Cacao divinely connected me to my truth and allowed me to feel my wholeness.

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” ― Yogi Bhajan

After that first cacao ceremony, I was able to cleanse thoroughly. I stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol, cleared any negative stimuli, and ended toxic relationships.

I was able to stop numbing and able to feel again fully. Finally, I was able to tap back into magic and be my most authentic self, which is the magical being I came into this world as.

I read spiritual self-help books, listened to high vibe podcasts and music, meditated, attended ecstatic dances, used Cacao ceremonially, and practiced yoga daily. Through this, I made a new soul family and friends, which changed my life entirely.

Shortly after, I felt a connection to my ancestors calling me to the Mayan land to connect with them and with the cacao spirit. A few months later, I went to Guatemala and have been deeply connected to my Mayan roots and ancestral magic ever since. Through this journey, I can say that Cacao, aka Chocolate, changed my life forever.

Drinking cacao could creatively guide you through life

The delicious, dark, gooey, store-bought Chocolate that you have in your cupboard is pure magic that has been tainted. Imagine an incredible, beautiful, and environmentally friendly car like a Tesla. Now imagine, that for some reason, a lunatic converted it to a Ford Pinto; complete junk! That is similar to the process of turning Cacao into cheap Chocolate!

When Cacao is in its pure form, it is a gentle, plant medicine, and considered a sacred gift, with beautiful healing and medicinal properties.

The word Cacao translates to, food of the gods. The Mayans and the Aztecs have used it for thousands of years for ceremonial and medicinal purposes. It is not only a superfood but also a spiritual aid.

Cacao has been one of the biggest catalysts in my life. If it wasn’t for Cacao, I wouldn’t have found as deep a connection with myself and with my purpose. Because of Cacao, I discovered that I am already the one who I’ve been looking for that I seemed to lose after childhood. I hold divinity within me, and I feel one with mother Earth –– I am part of you, and we are all connected.

For the last few years, I have been facilitating heart-opening cacao ceremonies all over the world, from Germany to Guatemala. Many people have seen this transformation via social media. Many people who want to experience and learn about cacao ceremonies which is why I hold virtual cacao ceremonies via Zoom and have created an online program, “The Heart of Cacao Ceremonies,” where we can dive deep into this ancient practice and tap into this magic together. If you’d like to fully experience this magic through my book “A Child of Magic,” you can find it here!

Also, if you’d like to connect and experience a private online or in-person ceremony, I can be reached via Instagram or at May we forever remember that we are magic!

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