Devina Badhwar

Devina is a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Card Reader, and Counsellor. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and is a Certified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and Angel Card Reader. She has been practicing giving intuitive readings for over 11 years, and her sessions include motivational guidance in the areas of Career, Relationships, Marriage, Finances, or overcoming any obstacles. She provides coaching and meditation tips and helps you manifest your dreams using the Law of Attraction and Affirmative techniques. Most of her clients report feeling empowered and uplifted after a session. Devina's passion lies in helping others find their purpose and inner strength, and the majority of her clientele are women who are struggling with confidence and self-worth issues, or who need direction in their lives. Stay in touch with Devina via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. &nbsp

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