How to Find The Courage to Go After The Life You Want

Everyone is on a journey we know nothing about. Everyone’s challenges are different. A life without problems is a life far removed from reality, and the size of the challenge differs from person to person. We cannot discount someone else’s hardship by comparing it to ours because they may not have the same capacity to deal with it the way we do. There is nothing too big or small – everyone’s journey is different. How to Find The Courage to Go After The Life You Want

We have boundless positive energy looking for a way to be channeled; so how do we find the courage to go after the life that we want?

I may not have suffered great hardships or lost loved ones, but I have faced a few challenges of my own, which have propelled me towards my spiritual journey of practicing healing and becoming who I am today. As a result, I have been able to touch the lives of tens of thousands of people daily, for which I am grateful.

Who was I, and what brought me here? 

I felt I was different growing up.  I was profoundly intuitive and spiritually connected, but no one in my family could quite understand it. My father wanted me to become a successful businesswoman and rise the corporate ladder. He had different dreams for me

I dived deep into studying spiritual courses from the age of 13. I read books on past lives, energy, and crystal healing, and by age 21, I had received my Certification in Reiki and Crystal healing. I had also completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology.

I was a sensitive, impressionable girl and would have my heart broken now and then. I went through one of the most challenging relationships at the age of 21, which lasted seven years, where I had completely lost myself and my sense of self-worth, confidence, and my faith in love.

My boyfriend was cheating on me, and it was a divine intervention that sent me to London to study. I didn’t have the strength to call things off with him because I didn’t know there was life without him. This was my third or a fourth failed relationship. I was 26.

London changed my life. I did have moments of crying by myself, missing my family back home, and feeling completely hopeless.

I bought my first Angel card deck while I was there and start practicing daily self-work and meditation. This was my way of healing from the past wounds of my relationship, and slowly I got my independence back.

I started believing in myself again. It was a lonely year of picking up the broken pieces and relying solely on myself to get back up.

I became pickier about who I dated. I built up my spiritual knowledge, and by the end of the year, I was doing Angel Card Readings for friends and family.

After my Master’s degree in London, I decided to work there for a year. I met someone and we were serious and very much in love. We dated for about 2 years, the second year being long distance. But that ended in another heartbreak. It seemed I wasn’t ‘good enough’ for him, and being the sensitive soul that I was, I unraveled all over again.

But the beauty about finding inner strength is that you pick yourself up again. I had fallen for the umpteenth time, but I decided to pick myself up, and here was born a new version of me.

I realized I HAD to go through all those rejections from men, from society and all of those people who didn’t believe in my’ spiritual work’. It was these rejections and trials and tribulations that TAUGHT me how to love and believe in myself.

Mistakes make us human.
Failures help us grow.
Hope keeps us going.
And love is the reason we’re alive.
So please, keep learning, loving, and living.

I jumped from job to job, never finding that inner satisfaction because I was always working for ‘others’. I allowed THEIR happiness and their opinion of what was right for me to take precedence over what ‘I’ wanted for myself.

What you give out is what you attract. If you are not confident and sure of yourself, no one else will treat you with that same respect.

In 2014 I started  The Light Within.

In 2015, I quit the last corporate job I ever had and decided to take the plunge in my healing practice. If I didn’t follow my purpose now, I never would.

I was single, dating around casually but never serious because I was still working on ME. When I felt I was the best version of myself, then only would I attract a similar partner. 

Today I can proudly say that I am a successful Spiritual Coach, Card Reader, and Counsellor who works with different healing modalities. I have a following of over 20K on Instagram and faithful clientele who regularly come to me for sessions.

I managed to rise against all the odds of the doubts and opinions of others that I would be able to turn this into a successful career. I shine under MY name and not the name of some giant Corporate hound. 

Now when I look back, the multiple heartbreaks, the judgments and lack of faith from my own family, sleepless nights, depressing moments, lack of self-worth, and the lack of motivation of not being able to move forward all seemed necessary.

Necessary for my growth.

Necessary for my self-realization.

It was what propelled me to rise each time and build myself from scratch so I can proudly hold my head up high and say, “I” DID IT!

My tip to everyone would be: follow your heart and passion because it will always lead you to the right place. Please, remember – we possess an inner strength that we are not aware of, but in times of need, we can dip into that resource. It is always there for us. 

Do not give anyone else the power to judge you or make you feel small.

No matter what you have gone through, the only person who shows up for you is ‘Yourself’. 

Always remember: “It is always dark before the dawn.” Stay strong in the face of adversities and know that the sun will rise again.

Now over to you, havingtimers! I’d love to hear about your experiences of finding the courage to go after the life you want; so please, let’s stay in touch via FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

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