Spencer Clem

Spencer Clem is a Medicine Ceremony Facilitator, Air Force Veteran, Model, Dancer, Writer, Student, and a world-traveled Nomad. During his military service, he identified beliefs of Conscientious Objection, which is the opposition to the use of violence as a means for conflict resolution. This led to early and honorable separation. Spencer now travels, focusing his energy on creative passions and community building. He also performs his own unique style of primal/contemporary fusion dancing at festivals and gatherings. Spencer is pursuing education in Counseling, Health and Wellness, and Nutrition. He bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern-day application through “present, effective actions” He has also shared his writings and poetry in “Going Feral” magazine and on other online platforms. Stay in touch with Spencer via Instagram as @peaceful_planetary_warrior or drop him a line at spencerclem@gmail.com for inquiries regarding ceremonies, bookings, or article contributions.

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