5 Positively Surprising Things Social Distancing Can Teach Us

“Life is the best teacher, just as it is. It is the toughest teacher. It won’t tolerate slothfulness for long. It’s always throwing some difficult problems your way and then seeing what you will do with it.” ― Stephanee Killen

5 Positively Surprising Things Social-Distancing Can Teach Us

As more people around the plant are being asked to help halt the spread of the coronavirus, we have frequently been told to practice social distancing. And here are the five life-lessons social distancing can teach us.

1. Morning Movement is Medicinal

It is critical for me to dance, shake, wiggle, or stretch every single morning. Moving my body, in whatever way feels good, will release tension and is the purest medicine I could ever be prescribed. It’s free too!

No one can make me stop dancing, moving, or strengthening my body. It allows me to shake off the fear. It gives me permission to love and grow in my body.

Moving and dancing however I feel gives me the liberty to live boldly and courageously.

I know that how I feel when I interact with someone, is a direct link to how I took care of myself that day.

2. Neither Quantity Nor Quality – Authenticity is What I Seek

Even though I have had to decrease social interactions, it hasn’t made a quality increase. Instead, I am able to recognize more quickly if I am actually enjoying talking or being with someone.

During a time of so much intense energy, I have found time to be so valuable. Because of this, I do not want to share it in situations or with people that do not feel good.

Social-distancing, aka time spent alone, has led to me desiring to relate authentically, even if that means being by myself!

3. Screen Time to Escape or Evolve?

I ask myself, “Am I using technology to escape my surroundings or am I using it to make my life more like the one I desire to lead?”

It can be so easy to slip into an Instagram Coma. Scrolling through, posting, and editing pictures all has its time and place. Yet, I have found that instead of that, any screen time can be used for online classes, creativity, research, or learning alternative income sources.

Technology is our modern day “Looking Glass”. We have access to so much information! All it takes is a smidge of curiosity, a pinch of discipline, and a splash of child-like innocence, and time away from society becomes an opportunity to remerge, transformed and evolve.

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” —John C. Maxwell

4. Primary Nourishment Isn’t Food

My primary source of nourishment is the home environment, sleep quality, relationships, use of time, and many other things. These make up the foundation of my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

To me, health is wealth; and wealth is having the ability to experience the fullness of life. Therefore, in a time of a global pandemic, the best thing I can do for the world is to take care of myself.

I prioritize making sure my primary sources of energy are helping me create the life I want to be living.

5. My Food Food Must Be Good Good

The food we eat is the fuel we burn. If I put canola oil in a Corvette, it would trash the engine in seconds. Thankfully, our human bodies are not THAT dramatic. But if we put in junk, we will quickly break down and ultimately fail.

In a time with such high emotions and energy, it is easy to eat for convenience or comfort. Yet, I have found that by regulating my eating, only consuming what I know will help my body, has led to more happiness and energy than ever before!

I feel SO good by eating what my body wants versus what my mind wants. I cook more than usual that way I consume less yet I am nourished more.

So please, havingtimers, do take care of yourself and use this time of social distancing wisely.

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