What Does it Mean to Be Creative?

Creativity is very specific to humans and many of the most important and interesting things in humanity are the outcome of creative endeavor: languages, arts, science, culture, etc (Csikszenmihalyi, 2013). But what does it mean to be creative in the age of technology and constant rapid change?... Read More...
If You Want to Be Creative, then Get Rid of These Myths

If You Want to Be Creative, then Get Rid of These Myths

There are many misunderstandings and myths about what creativity is. One myth trumps all. The idea that creativity, or originality (those words are often spoken in the same breath) is creating something out of nothing. A spontaneous impulse, divine inspiration. Eureka! This notion of creativity, as a spontaneous impulse and also an expression of individual genius, is strongly linked to our image of the artist as a lonely genius. A cliché of greatness, but a persistent one (even among artists).... Read More...

5 Better Things to Be Than Just An Artist

Stop trying to be an artist. That title has been spoiled by the pressure it carries. Don’t focus internally - “am I good enough” - “am I truly an artist” - but focus on the simple work you can do to tend to your art, discover your creativity, swing for your home run, reflect the world around you, and inspire movement. “The muse honors the working stiff.” Start painting a hundred paintings, one at a time, and someday you might step back to find your masterpiece.... Read More...

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