“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ― Philip Pullman

In the world that never stops accelerating, it’s never a problem to dig and discover information that you need. On the contrary, it falls at you like a wave at the speed of lightning. Those countless articles, blog rolls, an endless feed of status updates, and tweets — there is never a shortfall of illuminating thoughts and ideas.

Advancing your knowledge is never an issue. Whereas applying it, is a lot more problematic, specifically, when we think about just how little time we get during our forever-busy days to pause, take a deep breath, and just let yourself be.

HavingTime is a digitally native story magazine, for people around the globe who need to share inspiration or to be inspired in a world where happiness often can take a back seat to the breakneck speed of life. We publish bracingly inspiring and intelligent thinking with a broad worldview, built primarily for the devices closest at hand: tablets and mobile phones.

Our stories of contemporary thinking are rooted in a set of defining obsessions: core topics and knotty questions of seismic importance to real people.

HavingTime’s founding team includes veterans of Social Media and Blogging, Lifestyle and Wellbeing. Our primary location is in London, The UK; and we have storytellers and writers from all over the world.

Over the last seven years, HavingTime has been incredibly lucky to host hundreds, and we repeat, hundreds of authors, self-development experts, highly successful entrepreneurs from all over the globe contributing their unique voices to the community.

When you are ready to share a story with a profound lesson, you are most welcome to do so!

We are always happy to hear from you! So you can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.

We hope that Havingtime is a heartfelt and welcoming space that gives not just advice, but also builds deep connections and provides support – because we can’t put a price tag on the value of feeling a sense of belonging.

We hope you enjoy the inspiration as much as we are enjoying curating and writing it.

Lesya Li & HavingTime team

Lesya Li

Lesya Li is a founder of HavingTime – a digitally native story magazine for people that need to share inspiration and be inspired.

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