20 Strategies to Help You Overcome the Money Scarcity Mindset

“Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have than having what you want.” – Geoffrey Abert

As long as we live with the scarcity mindset, we won’t be able to increase the amount of money or prosperity in our life; even if we happen to get a great opportunity to earn or get a big amount of money (as per some sources, more than 90% of lottery winners do not end up being rich).

Manifesting money consists of practices that will help you to overcome limiting beliefs you have about the money and scarcity mindset. In the next article, I will share the most common limiting beliefs about money and how to work on eliminating them, and in this one, I will be talking about the scarcity mindset.

What is Scarcity Mindset?

Scarcity mindset can be the one reason of you not hitting your income goals or earning enough money in your current job, or by doing what you love, even if you are very hard working, smart, talented and use a “proven” strategy to succeed.

Scarcity mindset can be seen as a feeling of lack, fear of spending or losing the money, fear of being broke or in debt, feeling that “everything is so expensive”, feeling like we never have enough money, or that we are poor or not “rich enough”.

Scarcity mindset is the behavior we subconsciously perform driven by our limiting beliefs about the money. As long as we do not start actually behaving like a wealthy person, we cannot replace our limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

Wealth consciousness requires deep self-reflection (in order to identify limiting beliefs about wealth and money) and doing a lot of mindset work. For deeper and more powerful mindset work and manifesting your dream income goals, consider working with a coach who can help you build a strong and empowering money mindset.

This one was a big game changer for me, as I’m coming from a poor post-war country in South-Eastern Europe and I was witnessing a lot of poverty in my childhood during the war (having a bread on the table was a big deal, and I remember standing in a queue with my mom to collect the box with humanitarian aid with some oil and flour). I grew up in a middle-class family and learned that earning money is hard and that money doesn’t grow on trees and that one cannot get very rich by doing an “honest” work and by doing what you love (a.k.a. if you want to have a decent paycheck you need to be a doctor or a lawyer or so…). I was also listening all the time that money corrupts people and rich people are “only into money”.

Nowadays, the living standard in my home country is much better, but it is still a third world country with an average paycheck of 400 Euros. But, since I moved to India in 2014 I started seeing, even more, poverty around me, in Indian slums, which was heartbreaking! This all has made me very grateful for everything that I have in my life, and I do not take anything for granted, but it was also very hard to overcome the scarcity mindset while being surrounded by poverty, poor people, and living in countries with a low living standard.

20 Strategies to Help You Overcome the Money Scarcity Mindset

1. Give away all the material things (like clothes, furniture, old books…) you do not (often) use

2. Donate to charity as often as possible (when we are giving money to other people, we feel wealthy and abundant)

3. Stop saying “This is too expensive” and start saying “I chose to spend money on some other things at the moment”

4. Anytime you pay for something or give to charity think that there is more where that came from instead of feeling the fear that you may be needing that money in the future

5. Buy expensive gifts to other people

6. Start a gratitude journal and list down the things you are grateful for

7. Give tips in the restaurants

8. Dine at home and decorate the interior as if you’re dining in a five-star hotel (candles, nice flowers, luxurious tablecloth, beautiful plates). Serve the food in a stylish manner and have a glass of wine or champagne

9. Buy bigger wallet as an act of faith that more money is coming your way. Carry bigger notes in your wallet to feel rich.

10 Practice daily self-care routine: if we ‘are not worthy’ of our own self-love and respect and don’t value ourselves, other people won’t find us worthy to invest in us, our services and products

Invest in yourself. Meditate. Read. Eat healthy food. Drink water. Move your body. Spend time in nature. Rest up. You are worthy.

11. Invest in yourself, your education, skills, working with a coach… so that you feel worthy of commanding and earning bigger income

12. Write down how much money you want to manifest, then declare it to everyone you know. If you are fearful of declaring the number, that means that you do not believe deep within that it is possible for you and you are sending away that kind of vibe to the Universe, so it will never be possible for you.

13. Surround yourself with beautiful things (in your home, office, etc.) Looking at the broken and old furniture, old bag or a pair of shoes will not make you feel wealthy. You do not need to spend a lot of money, but make sure that you buy some beautiful details, and accessories, notebooks, diary, pens, phone cover, flower vase, pillows with a luxurious motive, or even a piece of art. The more you focus on beauty and luxury around you, the more abundant you will feel and more abundance you will manifest.

14. Start spending more time with people who are wealthy. Their mindset and empowering beliefs about money, creative ideas, big visions and money management skills will “rub off” on you.

15. Start spending less time with people who are struggling financially, until you get into a better place yourself. Same as in the example above, their scarcity mindset and beliefs will rub off on you!

16. Manage your money wisely. Make sure that you have your finances in order. Nowadays, there are many finance bloggers, and free courses online on money management! Once you become comfortable with money and learn how to manage it better, you will automatically have a healthier relationship with money and more money on your bank account.

17. Focus on money, abundance, and luxury around you, rather than on lack and poverty and cheap things. When you meet people, try to notice something expensive on them, start visiting luxury shops, start noticing luxurious cars and images on the street. More you focus on luxury and abundance, more luxury and abundance you will start experiencing and attracting in your life!

18. Stop buying on discounts and in cheap outlets. Every time you enter into such store you are giving a message to your subconscious mind and the Universe that you are poor and you can’t afford any better! Rather than buying ten things on sales, or in cheap outlets, buy one expensive thing and start cultivating the feeling of being wealthy and “I can afford this!”.

19. Invest in other people and support them financially. Every time you buy a crafted piece, product, course or a program, ticket to an event, meal in a restaurant, or a book, you are supporting someone financially to earn money by doing what they love and what is there passion. The more you invest and support others, more people will want to invest in you, your products, and services.

20. Make a list of things that you would do on a daily basis if you would be filthy rich. Then start doing those things today, at least in a symbolical way. Go test drive that car, treat yourself to a bubble bath with rose petals, buy designers key ring or a cardholder to experience buying and owning an item from a luxurious shop you never dared to enter before. Go on a weekend trip nearby if you would like to travel more. Start buying organic cosmetic products and eating healthier food. Get rid of things you wouldn’t wear or use if you would be very rich. The more you cultivate the feeling of being rich, the more actual money you will manifest in your life.

I dare you to try the practices above and experience how powerful they are! You CAN live the life of your dreams, but only if you BELIEVE that it is possible for you and if you start taking aligned ACTION today!

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