25 Great Ways To Show Kids You Love Them

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Live so that when your children think of fairness,
caring and integrity, they think of you. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

1. Loving Touch Most Important

The most important and message giving way to show a child you love them is a warm embrace or comforting touch.

2. Kind, Warm Smiles For Child

If you accompany these loving touches with a loving smile, the message is completely received and a forever memory associated with your relationship with the child.

3. Reticence Breeds Coldness

There are too many homes where adults are caregivers for children but have no emotional contact. Usually this goes from generation to generation as adults believe that since they provide food and shelter to a child, they are good parents. Nothing could be further from the truth.

4. Examples of Kindness Teach Volumes

The human learns from examples of kindness and compassion just as readily as from examples of walking and talking.

5. Foreign Orphanages Display Adverse Caring

To support a child as a caring parent, the human touch is essential, as shown publicly and internationally by tragic cases of orphans in foreign institutions deprived of the caring touch.

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8. Initiate Full and Total Caring Environment

The parent or guardian of each child must initiate a full and all encompassing caring for the child that will last into the child’s adulthood and even affect future children under that adult child care.

9. Praise for Accomplishments

Praise for doing well is manna to the young child’s spirit and feed the child’s soul and character as food does the stomach.

10. Display Child’s Works

A posted piece of the child’s art on the refrigerator or framed in the home validates his or her worth.

6. Emotional Stimulation

Stimulation of a child’s emotional growth and personality features are necessary to enable the child to understand kindness.

7. It Takes A Village

In the Hilary Clinton book, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”, the unified protection of a child and the encouragement of his or her appreciation is detailed with tremendous success. All of a child’s relationships contribute to his development or lack.


How to Make Your Own Luck
By Deborah Shelby

11. Eschew All Harassment

Do not permit bullying or harassment to be a part of your child’s relationship with siblings or playmates.

12. Teach Acceptance of Others

Teach compassion and uniform acceptance and your child will grow into a strong citizen.

13. Uphold Child’s Confidences

Do not tease nor repeat unflattering stories about your child to other adults or children, as this tears down any self confidence and destroys confidence in your protection.

14. Participate

Show a genuine interest in school or church events involving your child so they realize they are important and significant.

15. The Child is Family Member

Include your child in family planning events within the scope of their age, permitting him to feel a respected part of the decision making.

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16. Keep Your Child On Your Priority List

In the screenplay, “Divorce American Style”, the father character asks his sons if they feel ignored now that they have weekend visits. The boys animatedly denied this, stating, “You know how you always had a list of projects for your days off? Well, now, we are on it!”

17. Family Affection

Permit your children to see warm affection between his parents and also toward any siblings.

18. Pictures, Pictures Everywhere

Have family portraits displayed around your home that show the child that he or she is loved.

19. Bedtime

Bedtime rituals of closeness and embraces permit the child a slumber of secure affection.

20. Story Telling and Reading Times

Giving your child the advantage of storytelling and reading happy stories to him promote unity with you as a parent and also as teacher/advisor.

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21. Be Your Child’s Confidant

Every child has secrets. Always assure your child you are his trusted confidant.

22. Discipline Should Not Be Hurtful

Always discipline with the same loving regard that you teach your child other matters. Be firm yet supportive.

23. Pets Give Unconditional Love Plus Responsibility

A child bonds quickly and deeply with his own pet and the child learns volumes about compassion and love.

24. New Baby In House

When or if a new baby is due, ensure that your child understands the process and that the love in your heart expands to include him and his new baby as well.

25. Photo Sessions

Keep a photo album or your child’s growing changes throughout his entire life, so he can be assured of his importance and love from you.

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