4 Easy Ways to Create a Stress-Free Home

How often fo you feel like you are unable to relax and unwind, even in your own home? You come back from work exhausted, and all you’re looking forward to is some peace and quiet, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening? This might mean that your house isn’t the green, peaceful oasis you need it to be. So, how do you create a stress-free home? Luckily, there are ways you can make your home a place where you can truly relax and be at peace.

4 Easy Ways to Create a Stress-Free Home

How do you create a stress-free home?


The great thing about your own home is that you can decorate it however you like. Having pictures of friends and family around your home can remind you that it’s a place to relax.

Whether you opt for photo frames, albums or canvas prints, placing fond and happy memories around your home will make you feel comfortable and nostalgic, as opposed to stressed or overworked. It adds a personal touch that determines a place of leisure, not of work.

Your own style

The key to having a stress-free home is to decorate it in a way that represents yourself and your needs. Whether you live alone or with a partner or friend, it’s important to make sure that your home clicks with your way of thinking.

There are features that you can add to your home to make it feel like a relaxing place, such as a hot tub or relaxation room. If this is too expensive or your home doesn’t have space, simply using a color scheme that relaxes you could do the trick, or buying some comfortable cushions or installing a fire could make your home feel more comfortable. Having a well-decorated, stylish home can also add value to it. 


Candles are scientifically proven to have soothing properties that relax and calm us. Therefore, you might want to consider having some in your home that you can light when you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious.

Make sure you pick a scent that you associate with calmness, and always blow candles out when you’ve left the room. If you aren’t keen on the idea of candles for safety reasons, you could also pick a refreshing reed diffuser or air freshener.

If you’re struggling to sleep, scents such as lavender can calm the mind and body and enhance tiredness. Sprinkling some lavender oil on your pillow or having a lavender diffuser in your bedroom could work wonders. 


A messy home is a stressful home, and therefore it’s important to keep it clean, tidy and organized.

Whilst the thought of cleaning, especially after a long or difficult day working, may not inspire joy, a cluttered house will certainly make you feel down in the dumps.

You’ll find that the physical act of cleaning will make you feel energized and, once finished, you’ll feel a real sense of achievement. You can clean quickly and efficiently, and you’ll feel so much better for it. It will also reduce stress knowing your possessions are stored somewhere neatly and easy to access. 

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