4 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Winter Wardrobe

Just because temperatures have dropped and snow is falling doesn’t mean you need to hibernate for the winter. If you’re a fan of winter weather, you probably have plans to ski, snowboard or play in the snow and won’t miss a minute doing all of it. But no matter your feelings about this time of the year, most everyone can use new winter clothes to stay comfortable and sharp on the slopes, as well as to stay warm running errands and going to work. Make the most of this season by improving your winter wardrobe with the essentials that will make you look fantastic and keep you warm.

Here are four easy ways to improve your winter wardrobe for fun, functionality, and contentment, no matter how far the temperature drops.

1. Invest in a Classic Cashmere Sweater 

A soft, cozy cashmere sweater in a color that complements much of your wardrobe is an ace winter classic.

Whether it’s a crew neck or v-neck, a cashmere sweater is ideal for the office, coffee shop or ice skating rink. 

This piece was made for layering, so wear it over your favorite collared button-down shirt during work hours or over a T-shirt when hanging out with friends at the local pub after work.

Paired with work slacks, khaki pants or jeans, this piece is always a winner. Additionally, consider adding one or two of the following styles:

  • Crew neck
  • V-neck
  • Turtleneck
  • Crew neck short-sleeve
  • Crew neck cardigan

2. Find the Perfect Boots for Function and Fun 

A good pair of winter boots don’t have to focus exclusively on function while ignoring fashion and fun.

how to improve your winter wardrobe on a budget
If you don’t mind wearing boots at the office after trudging through the snow and de-icing your car’s windshield, there are plenty of options from which to choose. | photo by @katrinpatrik

You can still look stylish from the ankles down with tough-but-attractive boots that might include the following:

  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • High-performance rubber boots for rainy climates
  • Cold-weather boots with high or low ankles and fur lining

3. Search for Men’s Jackets to Stay Warm in the Most Bitter Chill 

Buying new winter wear means you want to stay warm, and that usually means going with a heavy-duty winter jacket.

Options are abundant when it comes to finding something to keep you warm and comfortable, while also making you look stylish and ready for a night out with friends. Some popular and top-selling styles include the following: 

  • A waterproof-but-breathable and thermal-reflective jacket with a removable insulated liner
  • A lightweight down-hooded jacket with a waterproof shell
  • A thermal-reflective winter parka with water-resistant fabric 

4. Slip-on a Dress Coat for Winter Formal Activities

Winter isn’t just about surviving the commute to work or to the grocery store. There are plenty of formal activities that require a more stylish coat than your favorite utility jacket — and you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for style.

Winter Wardrobe
With that in mind, shop for a classic coat that makes you look your best while preventing you from shivering in the cold from your car to the restaurant.

Here are some dapper coat styles that work perfectly:

  • Long wool coats that pair as well with slacks as they do with jeans
  • Duffle coats that showcase your smart, casual and youthful self and that can be pulled off seamlessly in a variety of social settings
  • Heritage coats that show off your anglophile leanings and love of tweed

Improving Your Winter Wardrobe Has Never Been Easier or More Fun!

Show off your personal style with the perfect winter coat, boots, and sweaters for formal work occasions, mid-winter date nights, days on the trail and more. Fashion designers from every corner of the industry know everyone wants to look good, so take advantage of all the style and functionality available.

picture sources | pexels + @katrinpatrik 

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