4 Thrilling Adventures in Hawaii for Active Travellers

What do you think of when you think of thrilling adventures in Hawaii? Most people know that when you visit Hawaii, you will probably get to see and swim in the waterfalls, catch a beautiful sunset, and enjoy the lovely Hawaiian beaches. Those things are, of course, worth seeing, but there are so many more beautiful and heart-racing experiences to have there that you may not be aware of. Those less known places of Hawaii will offer you a vacation of a lifetime!

4 Thrilling Adventures in Hawaii for Active Travellers

1. Adventures in Hawaii: Kalalau Trail Napali Coast on Kauai

Please note that before attempting to hike the Kalalau Trail, you must be physically prepared to endure it.

Kalalau trail is one of the toughest hikes that you will find in Hawaii –– it lasts for 11 miles, and it has an important place in history. This is the trail that residents of the Kalalau Valley used to travel along the Napali Coast.

If you had your heart set on visiting the Napali Coast, the only way to get there is by the Kalalau Trail. If you are up to prolonging your trip through the Kalalau Trail, you can take the opportunity to visit the waterfall that is 120 feet tall.

If you are super adventurous and believe that you will be hiking for the majority of the day, know that you will have toilet amenities after you reach the Hanakoa Stream crossing. Then, the stream disappears over the edge.

As you approach the last legs of this trail, you will encounter steep inclines that require that you use extreme caution, but it might be just what you need to make this trip as enjoyable as it can be. The several streams that you will find along the way will give you several opportunities to take a swim in this idyllic setting.

2. Thrilling Adventures in Hawaii: Piiholo Ranch Zipline on Maui

The Piiholo Ranch Zipline gives you the chance to fly through the air in the middle of the forest. It’s a great way to take in the scene from above ground, and of course, you get a delightful view of Maui!

You can take a tour that will take you through the air for 6,400 feet. Along with the forest, you will also be able to see the ocean and a volcano!

If you plan to take this trip with a significant other, that’s great, because this attraction has one side-by-side line for the lovers among us. Kids are welcome to enjoy this ride as well.

3. Thrilling Adventures in Hawaii: Hike Active Volcano Kilauea on the Big Island

One of the most active volcanoes in the world is Kilauea on the Big Island. This is an active volcano because it has regularly been erupting since 1983. The last significant eruption occurred on May 3, 2018, and it sent so much lava spewing down to the Puna District that people had to be evacuated!

The fact that this is an active volcano doesn’t have to prevent you from visiting it.

Kilauea is one of Hawaii’s most desired destinations, and you can become intimately acquainted with it in a couple of ways. One is to take a helicopter ride, but you will be kept at a safe distance. You also may take a ground tour of this attraction to have the most fabulous view possible.

The best option, of course, is to book a tour so that you can learn everything that you ever wanted to know about volcanoes.

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show

4. Thrilling Adventures in Hawaii: Cage Dive with Sharks on Oahu

North Shore Shark Adventures is a company that offers you the opportunity to swim with sharks. This is perfectly safe because you will be in a cage that will protect you from the sharks you will be visiting.

The company will take you out in your cage to where the sharks congregate, but make sure that you pay attention because you might also see dolphins, humpback whales, and Hawaiian green sea turtles. As your diving cage reaches its final destination, the sharks will come up to say hello to you.

You don’t need any special equipment, and you don’t even need to know how to swim. Your safety inside the cage is guaranteed. The company will offer you a snorkel and a mask. North Shore Shark Adventures has been in business since 2001, so they have heaps of experience to ensure that your shark adventure will proceed without any mishaps.

A vacation to Hawaii would be a dream come true, but one thing that can make it even better is luxury villa rentals in Hawaii. These properties will be the icing on the cake of the best vacation that you have ever had! 

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