5 Convincing Reasons You Should Get a Massage Today

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I have a massage when I want to relax. I love being pampered. I love island massages
when you’re outside in the fresh air.Angie Stone 

Some people hear massage and automatically begin to daydream about being on the table and having that soothing feeling of blissful joy and relaxation take over your being. Others hear it and think, OMG! No one is putting their hands on me. Hopefully, I will be able to change your mind to the latter and increase your reasons for going to the people who are already texting their massage therapists.

5 Convincing Reasons You Should Get a Massage Today

1.  Meditation for Your Physical Body

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At some point during the session, maybe it’s the serene music, or the calming energy of the room, or the warm towels and sheets you are wrapped in, but your body just let go!

All the strain, the stress, the tensions, we hold in our bodies just release. Its a form of meditation to quiet our constantly contracting, constantly active bodies.

2. Restores Original Level of Function

Our bodies are such beautiful workhorses, loyal, hard working, and self-healing. It carries tension in areas and even if we do nothing about it, our bodies learn to function at this level of tightness. 

This becomes our body’s new “normal”. We don’t even realize we are wearing our shoulders as earrings, or that our backs have golf ball size knots because our bodies make adjustments to still allow us to function.  Massage helps release the abnormal adjustments so our bodies can be restored to the original, relaxed, tension-free, level of function. 

3. Overwhelm Your Ego

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How many times in a day do we feel overpowered by our egos? Just as massage is meditation for our bodies, it quiets our chattering minds. The massage table is one place you can focus on breathing, focus on your body, stay present and pause that to-do list recording that constantly plays in our minds. 

We forget our daily stressors, or the thing our coworkers said that put the knot in our shoulder blades. There are too much peace and serenity for our egos to handle, and so if you can’t beat it, join it and it too quiets down and enjoys the bliss of relaxation. 

4. Increase Blood Flow

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Blood to our bodies is like water to earth. It gives our muscles and joints nutrients, hydration keeps our bodies thriving. Massage helps disperse blood that may be pooling in our legs and hands throughout our bodies to areas that get little tender love and care like the heels of our feet or the base of our skulls. 

It’s like taking probiotics for digestion after you take them you don’t have to will it or think about it or even tell it to work because it just does, that’s its job!  This increased blood flow heals, energizes and helps our bodies work effortlessly without having to think about it.

5. Feel Great

Massage is the most natural, simple and no-sweat way to feel good neurotransmitters in our bodies! You come out feeling relaxed, happy, and loving, who doesn’t want that? And the effects can last for days, I’ve had a great Thai massage carry me on a relaxation cloud for a week! 

The post effects of massage make you an honorary member the “Attitude of Gratitude” phenomenon taking over the world. You feel grateful that this simple treatment is available. You feel grateful you are able to get one. And you feel grateful to the wonderful healer who has devoted all his or her time to taking away all your tension and stress. 

With all these great benefits, consistent massages can increase our bodies vibrations into higher levels of function. And when our bodies are functioning higher, our minds and spirits follow suit! All it takes is to book an appointment, lay on a table and breathe while someone else is doing all the work!? 

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