5 Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend

The workweek can get hectic and stressful. By the time Friday rolls in, it’s understandable why many people want to unwind and relax. Yet spending the entire weekend in the comfort of your pajamas doesn’t guarantee that you will reduce stress and make things more bearable next Monday. Try out one of these fun ways to make the most out of your time and recharge for a much better week ahead. Keep reading to learn what successful people do after the clock stops on Friday to rejuvenate themselves for what’s to come. 

5 Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend

Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend 1: Digital Detox 

Pretty much every line of work these days involves some digital screen-staring.

While it can be tempting to answer a few of your backed-up emails on a Saturday morning, or even relax by binge-watching that new Netflix series, please, consider doing anything but that.

Unplugging from digital devices is a great way to improve sleep, prevent tech-induced burnout, and spend more time in the present moment allowing your mind to recharge fully.

Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend 2: No Plans

Did you know that sometimes not having plans is a plan in and of itself?

Just because you’re free on Saturday night doesn’t mean you have to accept the invitation to get drinks from that sort-of-friend.

It’s okay to sit with yourself sometimes. No plans, no agendas, no running around trying to make yourself busy.

When your workweek revolves around deadlines, meetings, and a planned schedule, it can be enjoyable to have blocks of time free of any commitments. 

Give yourself a much-needed break, because you are worth it.

Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend 3: The Great Outdoors 

Many hours from Monday to Friday are mostly spent indoors.

Try to get outside during the weekend as much as you can!

You’ll soak up the sunshine, reduce stress, and prevent burnout from creeping up:

  • Find a challenging hike nearby
  • Bring your pup to a dog park and watch them have a blast
  • Take a long drive with the windows down through a scenic route 

Even if stuck in a city where nature is somewhat out of grasp, consider investing in something like an electric scooter so that you can hop on and enjoy some fresh air in your downtime. Check out this guide at https://www.ridetwowheels.com/electric-scooters-overview/ to find the perfect scooter for you! 

Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend 4: Emotion is Created by Motion 

Moving is such an essential part of a healthy lifestyle! If you’re not moving a lot in your line of work, it’s especially crucial that you make up for it during your free time after work and on the weekends.

Notice that we’re not recommending strenuous exercise or a strict gym regimen by any means. Just simple movement of the body is enough.

That could mean a long, slow walk around the neighborhood. It could also mean dancing around the house to your favorite tunes. Perhaps you prefer combining the benefits of sunshine and movement into one by spending time out back in the garden. As long as it feels good and leaves you energized, it will do the trick.

Come Monday morning – your body will be thanking you for the little bit of extra activity.

Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend 5: Healthy Choices Off the Clock

When you’ve been ‘good’ all week long, making healthy choices, I know it could be easy to fall off the wagon and overindulge in a little extra of some comfort food or a bit too much of wine during the weekend. Remember, you can have whatever you want as long as it’s in moderation.

Prepare for your days ahead by continuing to make healthier choices even during weekends, so you feel great when Monday morning comes to greet you.

About Balance

It’s all about balancing the schedule with the free time, the indulgence with the discipline, and the screen time with the nature time. Hopefully, these tips above can help you unwind on the weekends so you can show up 100% each Monday.

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