5 Natural and Quick Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain

Chronic pain seriously alters your life. And while it’s tempting to use regular pharmaceutical medicine to help with chronic pain, most over-the-counter solutions don’t benefit you all that much. Anything stronger is a concern when taking it because of the chronic nature of the pain. Accordingly, here are some natural remedies that help with pain relief which are worth trying first.

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CBD is being sought out by people from different walks of life who have heard that it’s doing wonders for people (and pets too). It’s a natural treatment that’s extracted from marijuana but doesn’t contain the high doses of THC that causes mind-altering reactions. Therefore, it’s safe to use.

One of the types of CBD to try out is CBD oil. There are different ways to take it. It’s important to get a reliable supplier like Sabaidee to ensure it’s a pure supply and not mixed in with unwanted elements. This way, you get the full effect from CBD such as relief from migraine pain, a reduction in the aches in the joints, and less anxiety too.


Turmeric is a root that’s frequently added to Indian food dishes to add both flavor and spiciness.

The use of turmeric in combination with either Devil’s claw or bromelain was shown by researchers to offer pain relief from osteoarthritis.

It’s believed that the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric might be the reason for the relief from discomfort. And if it doesn’t work the same way for you, it’s always useful for food flavoring too.


The act of meditation is becoming more acceptable as Eastern medicine becomes practiced more often in the West. The process of getting into a comfortable pose, clearing the mind and relaxing allows the body to recharge too. The mind also benefits from slowing down the frenetic pace of modern life making it possible to be more aware of your surroundings rather than let it pass you by.

In one study, people who entered a meditative program reduced depression and anxiety, saw pain suppressed naturally, and felt a clearer sense of wellbeing too.

To help get into the right state of mind, there are now meditation apps that display pleasant images and play calming meditative music. Pick the right app for your Android or iPhone mobile device.

Cold/Hot Compress

Using an alternating cold and then hot compress is effective in specific areas to treat pain symptoms. It’s been used for centuries as a way to create a heat shock effect that’s known to be anti-inflammatory.

It’s up to you whether to press down or not. Traditional compresses are used to deal with injuries to avoid excessive swelling or inflammation.

Chronic pain may not make this comfortable, but the hot and cold alternating process does provide relief for some type of repeating discomfort even without compressing the area.


Capsaicin is found in chili peppers. It provides natural pain management when used as a cream that’s applied topically at the point where the pain is most severe.

The use of capsaicin can create a tingling or slight burning sensation as it goes into the skin. Therefore, it shouldn’t be used in areas of bruising or where the skin surface is broken. However, because it works on the nociceptor fibers that carry pain messages over the nerves to the brain, it disrupts the messaging to stop you feeling as much pain.

Be willing to try different approaches over time with natural remedies to discover the one or two that work best for you. Everyone is different, so it’s never clear what the right solution will be until you try a few.

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