5 Simple Ways to Make You Look & Feel Good

If there’s anything that we should ever aim toward, it’s simply doing good. Sometimes, though, trying to look and feel good can become a very self-focused endeavor and not that healthy in one way or another. Trying to look fantastic can have damaging impacts on the environment (not to mention our bank balances). Aiming to feel good may involve self-destructive habits, like infamous yo-yo dieting. It’s about channeling all that energy into something positive.  

So, how can we aim to keep ourselves fit, healthy, and beautiful while also having a beneficial impact on the world around us? It’s possible!

Here are some pointers. 

Running Schemes 

Now you may see the words “running schemes,” roll your eyes and resort to the usual act of running while hating it every step of the way. Alternatively, you may love a good run. Either way, we’re not talking about any old marathon or 5k. 

Increasingly, charities and organizations are creating schemes that combine running and something good. A company called Good Gym has an initiative where those who are seeking motivation to run can take a jog to visit the elderly who are lonely. 

Get fit and contribute to making someone’s day while doing so? So wholesome. 

Change Your Cosmetics 

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need the cosmetics that alter our natural beauty! Yet, in the meantime, we can try to make sure the cosmetics we use come from an ethical source. 

This ethical consumerism means researching your make-up and skincare products to ensure that they aren’t products of animal testing. This ethical commitment is becoming increasingly widespread, and something companies are capable of doing, so no excuses.

There are plenty of cruelty-free make-up brands out there that offer high-quality products. Give some of that animal lovin’ a try. 

Say No to Fast Fashion 

Fast fashion is probably one of the most massive drains on the environment today. The industry emits around 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year. Our unwanted clothes often get dumped in mass amounts wherever they can find space in nature (including other countries). 

Try to buy from charity, second-hand, and vintage shops. When you finish with the clothes that you already have, donate them to charity, a friend, or someone in need. Better yet, get creative and fix up something new with your old garments.

Be Mindful When You Food Shop 

It’s too easy to pop into a superstore and grab a load of mass-produced food coated in plastic. It’s not good for the planet, and these foods usually aren’t great for us either.

Look out for stores that sell local, fresh produce – preferably plastic-packaging free. This local focus will help to benefit the local businesses that deserve to flourish. As well, it can save your body from a lot of unnatural chemicals.  

It’s worth looking into food-waste prevention apps, too. These encourage people to share unwanted or unused food in their community. 

Start a Group 

Why not start up a group of your own that is inclusive to a variety of people in your area? This group could pertain to anything in which you’re interested or fancy getting more involved. You could have a group focused on how to do make-up art, knitting, textiles, roller skating, or even a band. 

This social circle won’t only broaden your knowledge but has the potential to revolutionize your life. Even better, it might have an amazingly positive effect on those who end up joining your group! 

The Feel-Good Takeaway

Life is all about feeling good inside out. It’s vital that we start becoming aware of what that really means and what we may just have fooled ourselves into believing that means. 

Hopefully, by having a go at one, two, or all of these, you will start to lead a more fulfilling life, in which you don’t have to compromise on the things you enjoy.

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