5 Simple Writing Prompts to Help You Ignite Your Best Self

5 Simple Writing Prompts to Help You Ignite Your Best Self

In this cold, dark time of year, it can sometimes feel that the outer darkness reflects our inner world. We stay inside, put on extra layers and slouch in on ourselves. And when we read the news, we may be filled with anxiety and a sense of doom, as if there were only one story to be told.

It’s no wonder that throughout history at this dark time of year, people around the world have celebrations of light: Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza all celebrate the miracle of light in dark times.

These holidays remind us that the world we see around us when we look out our window is not the only world, that there are other stories to tell.

The practice of writing can also remind us of the power of light, of rebirth in darkness, or miracles when it seems that the light is running low.

Unfortunately, our society often overlooks the creative side of our traditions. The holidays become times to buy and eat more.

But rather than consume more external things, we can treat this dark time as an invitation to turn inward and re-ignite our own internal fire.

Writing is a great way to do that. So instead of scrolling through ebay or turning on Netflix, get comfortable and settle down with a journal instead.

When you tap into your creativity, you tap into your basic human vitality, boost your immune system and improve your mood.

And you also imagine new possibilities!

5 Simple Writing Prompts to Help You Ignite Your Best Self

Try these five simple writing practices to get in touch with your own inner light this holiday season,  and have fun with them!

1. Close your eyes and remember your favorite place (or imagine a made-up favorite place). Now write about it. Go into as much detail as possible. Use all the senses.

2. Write a love letter to someone you appreciate. Don’t hold back. Be as honest and candid and full of appreciation as you can. You don’t need to send the letter. But you can if you want.

3. Write a love letter to yourself. Yes, really. Don’t hold back.

4. Find a place where you can see the sky or imagine the sky. Describe it in as much detail as possible. Describe how it makes you feel. Now, without thinking too much about it, describe what is happening under that sky. Write the first things that come to you.

5. Write a poem or story that uses as many of these six words as you can. Enjoy the process and see where it takes you!  sparkle, whistle, velvet, marionette, scissors, crow.

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