5 Things That Will Help You to Achieve Massive Success In Career and Life

5 Things That Will Help You to Achieve Massive Success In Career and Live

Recently, I had a toast in Dubrovnik (Croatia) for my most successful month ever, after I gave a successful motivational speech in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and had hit the biggest income per month in my earning history.

If somebody had told me five years ago that I will be a life coach, writing articles for The Huffington Post, COSMOPOLITAN, Tiny Buddha and other international publications, working on my laptop, under the shades of palm trees or in my favourite cafe spot with WI-FI connection, and traveling around the globe (India, Dubai, Europe…) I would be mind blown!

I’ve learned over the years, as a person who has been on a personal growth journey for a decade, and a life coach is helping clients to create their success stories that success is never a coincidence!

There are keys to achieving success in life and career, which are must follow to become wildly successful:

5 Things That Will Help You to Achieve Massive Success In Career and Live

1) Self-Discipline

One of the major factors which will decide how successful we will be in any area of our life is the strength of your self-discipline! No matter how talented and smart we are and how significant opportunities and potential we may have to succeed, if we do not build our self-discipline muscle, we will not be strong enough to push trough challenges on our success journey and achieve our goals.

The most important and the most dangerous enemy we need to win over in life is ourselves: our resistance, our laziness, our inertia to maintain the status quo and avoid that little extra pain and sacrifice that can make us better, stronger and more prosperous.

But, if we do manage to build that self-discipline muscle and make it strong, hard and big, we will be able to lift yourself up much higher in life than we could ever imagine.

Working hard on achieving any goal isn’t easy, and it requires sacrifice, willpower, determination, patience, coping with pain. But we know that without pain there is no gain as well.

All successful people have this one common thing: they pushed themselves beyond their limits, they pushed themselves numerous times to get up from the bed in the morning, they pushed themselves to work hard while their friends were parting, they pushed themselves to study and learn while others were enjoying their weekends and nights off, and they pushed themselves to stay and work overtime.

2) Courage & Confidence

In order to succeed, we must take (big) risks, put ourselves out there and get exposed to possible failure and risk of being rejected, step out of our comfort zone, make some tough decisions and build the self-esteem of steel so that we can step out into the world  greatly with everything that we have to offer. All that requires courage and rock solid self-confidence. Without courage, we will never take that one big leap of faith and take that big risk which will lead us toward achieving big success, because if we keep on playing small, we will stay small!

There is no guarantee that we will succeed and come out as a winner, but if we do not have the courage to try and go after our goals, there is only one guarantee: we will not even create even a possibility for ourselves to succeed!

On the other hand, even if we have the courage to take that leap of faith and take a risk, if we are not confident in our own worth and in what we have to offer, we will not feel worthy to charge the price that we deserve and we will not successfully make the good first impression with our potential clients or customers. No matter how well we manage to present ourselves on the outside people will intuitively feel our energy and our lack of confidence from within and they will not feel confident to invest in us!

3) Pay it Forward 

The biggest mistake we can make in any professional niche is to go out there with our idea, product or services, expecting how everybody will know or assume or “get” how good our product or service is! Nowadays when people are oversaturated with advertisements, they do not need one more person or company convincing them how good they are and persuading them to buy! The key to succeed is to pay it back forward: to give value, give value, give value… and then ask for business. Think of it as “karma of success” (I was living in India for three years, so I can’t help it :). Think of the ways how you can give value first: offer free trial, free advice, work pro bono, help people around you, create a good opt-in for your email list, offer free samples, host giveaways… Once people try your product, advice or service and get to experience first hand how good it is, then only they will trust you and be willing to invest their hard earned money! You will not be just other person wanting to get the money from them: you will be someone who helped them in a genuine way and once you ask the money, it will not feel like you’re selling: it will feel like you’re just extending your helping hand and want to offer even more value and improve the quality of their life in a greater way!

4) Stand out From the Crowd

Nowadays, when people are so much bombarded with adds and option to spend their money on, you need to zig if other competitors in your niche are zagging in order to get noticed and get their attention. You need to stand out from the crowd.

Recently I traveled to Dubai: every single building over there is different, unique, magnificent and outstanding. In other words, there is no place in the world like Dubai. When you come back from Dubai, you have so many stories to tell, impressions to take with you, great photos to share with your friends, a lot to talk about with your friends over coffee… Having in mind that Dubai was not so long ago “a pice of a dry desert” and today is one of the top tourist destinations and synonym for luxury, we can learn a very significant lesson on success: in order to succeed wildly, we need to be different, outstanding, magnificent and unique… just like Dubai. We need to offer something unique and extraordinary and we need to give to people something they will talk about with their friends over a coffee!

5) The Wild Power of Social Proof

If we keep on telling how good we are (or our service or product or whatever…) that is boosting (and people can even assume that it is a lie or a fake praise!). But, if other people keep on telling how good we are, how good our products and services are, how we helped them to improve the quality of their life or achieve things… that’s an achievement!

To skyrocket the speed of our success, we need to create a buzz, a story around our persona, our brand, our product or service… Praise, testimonials, people sharing quotes, photos, reviews about us on social media, media features, publicity, personal branding and image we present out into the world… those are all the things that can make us big, memorable, popular and trustworthy in the eyes of our potential customers or clients.

Think of the ways how you can make other people talk about how good you are (in a genuine way) and you will experience very soon how fast you will climb the success ladder!

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