7 Good Eating Habits that Can Transform Your Life

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – Hippocrates

Nutrition experts are always going on about things that you can eat to feel more energized while being able to boast a body that is slimmer and aligned with other healthy habits that you indulge in. But benefits of healthy eating habits go way beyond getting the perfect body.

That’s right. You can actually experience significant positive changes in your life once you start making changes in your eating habits. But how do you go about this? Continue reading to find out more.

7 Good Eating Habits that Can Transform Your Life

1. Make a Plan

One of the things that happen to everyone who swears they will change their eating habits and then stick to it is that they don’t have a ‘solid plan.’ Without a concrete mental pathway of how exactly you will proceed through your routine, you will most likely end up falling for the next tempting food item that goes against your new healthy habits.

Make sure that you don’t just read up your nutrition plan. Similarly don’t design a plan that is impossible to follow, especially if you have a party or a reason to eat out event coming up.

The best way to make a plan that will help you stick to your healthier eating options is to balance out when faced with the lure of a restaurant menu. Make sure that if you really find something tempting you pair it with something really healthy for you, and not overdo the portion sizes.

Another way to balance it out is by making sure that you are consuming healthy snacks throughout the day; fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts all fall under this category.

2. Successful People Close the Kitchen Post Dinner

Your final meal should be at a reasonable hour. Most people are used to dinner and then treating themselves to a lavish dessert or a snack which most usually is the leftover meal or extremely processed food loaded with saturated fats. Here is what you need to learn: never go to bed hungry, but always go to bed on an empty stomach. You will wake up feeling thinner, and with an appetite for breakfast; in no time you will start feeling like a morning person, ready to take on the day ahead.

Healthy… is the way of living says Bridgette Macilwaine

📌 FUN FACT: studies reveal that people who opt for a healthy breakfast have the energy they need to get things done and help them focus at work. They are also more likely to handle the challenges life throws at them.

3. Don’t Bore Yourself

It doesn’t take long before you start doubting your decision on changing the way you eat, even when you feel slimmer, less lethargic and healthier, the sight of steamed food just puts you down. One of the best ways around this is to flavor up. Either use fresh herbs or sprinkle some olive oil and freshly ground black pepper before placing your veggies in the oven.

4. A Light Snack for Lunch is a Myth!

Most people figure that their breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. While you shouldn’t skimp on meals or purposefully make your portions shorter than necessary, it helps if you do the math around the body’s energy utilization.

Right after you wake up your digestion is slow, and during noon your metabolism is at its peak. You need to feed your body during this time when it really needs fuel to get through the rest of the day. Remember, if your body doesn’t get enough fuel, you may feel zapped of energy and end up overeating later in the day.

5. Eat Whole Foods First

People who lead a prosperous and healthy lifestyle are smarter in the way they handle their new habits. One clever way to stick to your new nutrition plan is to stuff yourself with it enough that when you are full, you don’t even think about having anything else.

You want to eat fiber-rich foods that take up more room in your stomach, help boost your metabolism and make you feel full faster because of the fiber that they contain. These are all the low-density foods items like brown rice, spinach, broccoli, oatmeal, and apples.

6. Keep Yourself Hydrated

It is crucial that you keep hydrated, not only is this good for your body but it boosts cognitive function as well. The best way to get the proper intake you need of water is to make sure that you keep sipping a bit of it throughout the day. You can’t possibly put a timer on your intake and keep reminding yourself at odd times that you need to drink water. With busy schedules, it is difficult to keep track of water consumption.

Similarly, it’s easy to distract yourself from thirst if you have tasks that need to be completed ASAP. The best way to tackle this is to keep a measured amount of water next to the area where you work so that you drink water without really thinking about it.

7. Prepare Each Meal

This addition to your routine can actually benefit you in a lot of areas of your life. When you decide to prep meals at the beginning of the week, you actually end up buying groceries in bulk, which helps you gain discounts and ultimately savings on your usual expenses. Also once you prepare everything, even if you are tired or running late before every meal time you don’t have an excuse to splurge on junk food, since your meals are already taken care of.

With prepared meals, you also have more time to focus on your day to day responsibilities and your job without having to worry about what to eat and then feeling guilty afterward if it was a heavy meal.

Stick to your healthy habits for a few months before you start judging the result of all the changes that you have made to your lifestyle. Remember, healthy eating habits really do transform your life and boost your performance. Have you incorporated these changes into your diet? Let us know.

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