7 Simple Daily Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence

7 Simple Daily Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Let’s talk about self-confidence in depth. Have you ever looked in the mirror and didn’t feel happy with what was reflecting back? Maybe you weren’t happy with your body? Maybe you weren’t happy with your life? Or Maybe you weren’t happy with who you have become?

I’m not sure what your situation is right now… But there’s one thing I know for sure, and that is that we all could use a little more self-love to boost our self-confidence and increase the quality of our life.

Imagine this… You wake up in the morning with a feeling of warmth on your face from the sunlight glaring through your window, you open your eyes and jump straight out of bed with a massive smile on your face… as you’re stretching your arms out wide, you can hear the beautiful harmonious noises of the birds chirping outside… you walk over to the mirror and you feel ultimate levels of happiness running through your body… Why? Because you have learned to master the art of self-love.

Here’s what I believe… I believe that as you start to create more self-love, you will boost your confidence rapidly. As you start to love yourself internally and externally, watch what happens to your confidence and grab a hold of the certainty within your spirit that tells you whatever you want to do… you can do it.

This all happens from learning to love yourself more. But this doesn’t happen by me waving a magic wand and suddenly you have results… no, let’s be honest here… this is going to take some work!

I feel credible being able to talk about this subject because I’ve lived it.

I remember my very first year of high school… Picture this, a young, chubby kid with 3 quarter pants on, collared shirt with his top button up, hat sideways like he was about to hold a rap concert, and skate shoes the size of astronaut boots…. You could say I was a little bit ‘different’ to most kids at my school.

I was at a sports high school where most of the children were highly athletic and as you can picture, I was the odd one out, It was kind of like I was the ugly duckling. In my very first year of high school, I was bullied a lot!

From the harsh words that were said to me, I became extremely introverted and had zero self-esteem. I was often called ‘mute cama’ instead of ‘matt cama’ because I never spoke to anyone. Now I can look back with laughter and respect the creativity of whoever made that name up.

To keep a long story short… In a non-egotistical way, I now have more self-confidence and love for myself than I could ever imagine, I am no longer socially awkward and I’m now holding seminars across Australia.

How was I able to go from being shy and struggling to hold a conversation with one person, to being able to speak for three days in a row for 12 hours to hundreds of people… The answer? Self-love.

I want to reveal my secrets to instantly boost your self-confidence to help you not only love yourself more but to increase the quality of your life.

7 Simple Daily Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence

1. Kickstart Your Day With Empowering Questions

You want to make sure that you are having empowering rituals to start your day with. At my Health To Build Wealth Seminar, I go through my morning ritual which allows you to kickstart your day off in a peak state. One of the things I do is ask myself empowering questions which I have included below.

Action Items:

Ask yourself these questions upon rising:

What am I happy about in my life right now?

What am I grateful for in my life right now?

What am I proud of in my life right now?

What am I excited about in my life right now?

What do I love about myself?

(Note: If you can’t think of any answers, replace ‘am’ and ‘do’ with ‘could’ e.g. What could I be happy about in my life right now?)

2. Exercise

There’s no better way to demonstrate self-love than to give your body ultimate levels of health and energy. Your body is your temple and it’s sad to see that most people don’t value health anymore, and it’s evident with how common it is to see people who are overweight or have ill health. This is not going to be you though, love yourself by focusing on improving your health.

Action Items:

  1. Go sign up at a gym
  2. Develop an exercise program for yourself
  3. Find a gym partner (optional)
  4. Be consistent with going to the gym 3-6 times per week (depending upon physical condition).

3. Cleanse & Nourish Your Body Internally

Self-love isn’t about just loving yourself externally, it’s also about loving yourself internally through nourishing your body with foods and fluids that cleanse your body.

Action Items:

  1. Have 1-2 salads a day.
  2. Have 1-2 green vegetable juices or smoothies a day.
  3. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day.
  4. Add lemon to your water (optional)

4. Indulge Yourself In Self-Development

reading quotes

What you are feeding your mind daily will affect the way you not only see yourself, but see the world. You want to make sure that you’re not only feeding your body well, but feeding your mind well. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you steer clear away from watching negative media and people because this will impact your emotions negatively.

Action Items:

  1. Find an empowering self-development book and read it.
  2. Find and attend a seminar to improve ANY area of your life.
  3. Find and listen to a self-development audio program to improve your life.

5. Surround Yourself With Empowering People

people quote

Why spend time with people who negatively infect the way you feel about yourself? Surround yourself with people who lift you up, empower you and help you develop your character to build your self-confidence. Remember this, who you spend time with… you will become. Surround yourself with confident people and you will become confident.

Action Items:

  1. Write down the 5 people who you spend the most time with.
  2. Write down their standards, health, income and attitude for life.
  3. Ask yourself “Is this what I want?”
  4. If your answer is no then you might want to re-evaluate who you’re spending time with and limit your time spent with them.
  5. Expand your empowering peer group by attending seminars, charity groups etc.

6. Breathe

Oxygen is the source of all energy in the body and is what our cells require to thrive. We can go weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes with oxygen. Optimal oxygenation of your cells through proper nutrition, fluid intake, exercise, and stress management is absolutely necessary for self-love.

Action Items:

  1. Take 10 slow diaphragm breathes each day.
  2. Jump on a rebounder 15-30 minutes a day.
  3. Start your morning with a 15 minute walk while taking deep diaphragm breathes as you walk.

7. Live Your Passion

If you’re in a job you dislike at the moment, I’m going to guess it’s probably causing you stress… even if it is a little bit of stress it’s still not demonstrating self-love. Why not live a life where your work is like play to you? Why not have a job or a business where it doesn’t feel like work at all? You have the ability to make that happen.

Action Items:

  1. Write out your interests and passions
  2. Find a job or a business you can open that is alignment with your interests and passions.
  3. Apply or develop a plan to start to get that job or start that business.
  4. Tell a friend what you’re going to do to keep you accountable.
  5. Find a coach or mentor who can help you do it.

I hope this has helped you, as you start to love yourself more you will develop self confidence… I can promise you that. I hope this has served you, please leave a comment or question below and I’ll be happy to answer them personally.

Photo by Rita Webster