7 Survival Hacks for Travelling in Ridiculously Hot Weather

Traveling often entails sudden changes in climate conditions – especially when you consider how many crucial historical monuments are located in parts of the world that have conditions that could easily be considered extreme. If you’re planning to travel to one of these hotspots, you’ll need at least several survival hacks up your sleeve.

7 Survival Hacks for Travelling in Ridiculously Hot Weather

1. Wear light and bright

Certain types of summer attire are proven to work much better than others in ridiculously hot weather. Aim for light materials that flutter in the wind and wear long sleeves. Yes, you’ve read that right. The more skin you cover, the better.

Additionally, make sure to pack mostly bright-colored clothes, since bright colors work better to reflect light, which directly translates to less heat on your body.

2. Light and breathable footwear

A similar set of rules applies to footwear. Whether you decide to go with open or closed shoes, you have to ensure that your feet will have good support and maximum comfort. Keep your eyes out for features such as pliable soles, lightweight and breathable materials, and organic components. Your feet will thank you in the long run.

3. Hydrate slowly and evenly

You will sweat a lot in a hot environment, so hydration presents one of the most important survival hacks of your journey. However, it’s not about chugging down a bottle of water and taking large gulps.

You should spread your sips out evenly and frequently – approximately once every 25 to 30 minutes. The point of this is to slow down your metabolism as much as you can. Sweating is unavoidable, but you can at least regulate the process with steady hydration.  

4. Drink less coffee

If you drink more fluids, you’ll sweat faster and more profusely, which leads to more thirst and a need to excrete bodily fluids. Coffee is one of the widely-consumed drinks that contribute to dehydration, and it also serves as a mild laxative.

Going to the bathroom in the middle of sightseeing during the hottest season can be an awkward complication, and this goes without even mentioning the ensuing nightmare on your senses due to the heat.

5. Sunscreen all the time

If you’ve followed the simple guideline from the first hack on this list, you’ve probably covered as much of your skin as possible with bright garments. Still, your face is likely to remain exposed to sun rays. Always have a trusty bottle of sunscreen in your traveling bag or backpack, and apply it to the parts of your skin that are unavoidably exposed to the sun’s glow.

6. Always wear sunglasses; everywhere

That being said, you’ll probably wear sizeable glasses throughout the trip, which represents an additional layer of protection for your face. More often than not, hot regions of the world see a lot of daylight, and it can get blindingly bright during the day. Sunglasses are not only resting on your nose bridge to offer protection for your retina, but they’re also shielding off the glare so you can see where you’re going. They’re an essential accessory for people with bright-hued eyes because they are especially sensitive to brightness.

7. A wet bandana will save your sanity

Headwear is an inseparable part of your outfit if you’re braving a sun-scorched wilderness or a lush rainforest. There is a whole world of interesting, practical (and impractical) headgear to pick and choose from, but one example might be the exact hack you’re looking for.

Since you’re sweating, adding more wet clothing on your already soaking body can sound like a contradiction, but donning a wet bandana will save your sanity. Slapping a damp bandana on your head, and letting the water drip down your neck and shoulders is just what the doctor ordered since this is one of the body’s known cool spots. The damp bandana will reliably lower your body temperature and help you sweat less.


Preparation for eventful travels is usually more complicated than we initially think. There are several factors we need to take into account, along with what to pack, where to stay, and what to eat. 

While it’s true that we all broadly prepare for weather conditions, there are always certain small survival hacks and tricks that you can employ by including certain accessories in your luggage. It also takes some foresight and knowledge if you plan to brave the heat. Hopefully, the list of survival hacks above should provide some useful starting points for your journey.

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