An Amazing Life Lesson From a Brain Tumour Survivor

Life Lesson From a Brain Tumour Survivor

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

You have probably heard the expression “you are seeing the world through rose-colored glasses”. Now in a lot of cases, this is used in a negative context meaning that the person is not seeing the reality of life and might have their head in the clouds. I am sure you have been told this in your life, yet you might not see yourself as an idealistic thinker. If you had had the odd negative person in your life, you may experience this no matter what you think!

You may or may not believe in the universe but no matter what it throws at you, how you deal with it (or frame it) determines how it affects you. It can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. It might be the difference between a fulfilling life and an unfulfilling one… I can give you a good example…

2 Years Ago I Had Brain Surgery…

2 years ago I had brain surgery. Now some people might say I am lucky to be alive and I am, but when I was faced with it I framed it as an opportunity. It was scary at first but one the initial shock wore off I thought “how can I go through this and still thrive?” I took it as a positive and not a negative. A chance to grow as a person even though the next year or longer of my life was going to be more different than I would ever know it.
How many things have happened in your life that if you were to frame them a little differently the outcome would have been more positive?

I believe events can be chain reactions for others and if you consistently frame situations positively, it will continually snowball and you be equipped to handle whatever life throws at you.

I could have taken a victim’s mentality, thinking “poor me”. Instead, I counted my blessings and forged on.
I looked at every situation as a reason why I could go on. Going through this allowed me to take stock of my life and start focusing on what really mattered as opposed to what I thought was supposed to be doing.
We have all been there. Some of us still are. I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to take a health issue like this to get you to think about it. I was on the fence for several years and I was stuck.

It is contagious too. When others see what you have been through, they are inspired. I am grateful for that. I now get an opportunity to show others who are at crossroads in their life and say “Hey, it can be done! Look what I have been through and I made it! That’s why I am writing this article for you. I guess that’s another positive thing. All you have to do is frame it differently.

I found a way, surely you can too.

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