Exploring South Africa: Why it Needs to be on Your Bucket List

One of the most delightful things about traveling to South Africa has got to be the variety of things to do and see it provides. You get an excellent opportunity to enjoy different activities from the diverse selection of adventures to exploring the vast wildlife and enjoying the fantastic scenery all around you.

Exploring South Africa: Why it Needs to be on Your Bucket List

Visiting South Africa has been a big dream of mine because that beautiful place on Earth seemed incredibly wild and exotic to me when I was a kid. I recall obsessing over each and single page of my dad’s old National Geographic mags which highlighted a multitude of unique and fascinating experiences. While I’ve now traveled across six continents including Antarctica, South Africa is still one of those special places that are dear to my heart. Fueled by my insatiable love for the great outdoors and my fascination with this county here’s a tiny list of experiences that make up my South Africa Bucket List

1. Great Climate

South Africa is generally sunny with most areas enjoying more than 300 sunny days each year (!), thus making it perfect for outdoor activities.

The Western Cape experiences a Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers while the winters are mild and wet. The interior regions of the country enjoy a temperate climate with sun-drenched and hazy summers.

2. Perfect for Golf

The phenomenal golf courses built here provide a fantastic variety of memorable golfing experiences in the diverse, breathtaking scenery.

It is worth noting that South Africa boasts of having some of the most excellent courses renowned worldwide.

The development of new golf courses allows golfers to enjoy different designs and layouts in various geographical locations.

3. Cape Town

While there are lots of famous cities around the globe, Cape Town is arguably the most iconic in Africa.

It is an absolute must-visit city as well as the first port of call the moment you reach South Africa.

The beauty of Cape Town has got to be its spectacular surroundings and stunning sights such as the Cape of Good Hope and the Table Mountain.

If you desire some rest and peaceful relaxation, then you could visit the Boulders Beach or sample the exquisite South Africa cuisine.

The regular travelers of Kulula flights reiterate that traveling from one city to the next is now easier, thanks to the domestic flights connecting the major cities of South Africa. Consequently, you can tour and explore other South African cities for the most memorable experiences.

4. Wildlife

The wildlife you typically find in South Africa is ranked among the best if you compare it to what the rest of Africa has got to offer. The stunning wildlife is worth the experience if you are looking for an unforgettable safari adventure.

The Hluhluwe and Kruger parks are famous for their diverse wildlife. Even so, the park landscapes are gorgeous as well.

Between spotting animals, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the memorable vistas of the plains, mountains, spectacular sunsets, and watering holes.

5. Delicious Food and World-Class Fine Wines

Explore the gorgeous wine estates, sample award-winning wines in the cool cellars or vine-covered patios while you enjoy some of the best cuisines in the elegant restaurants.

South Africa boasts with its unique food culture with an emerging emphasis on indigenous, handmade and organically sourced ingredients. Since the South African cuisine is influenced mostly by Asia, Europe and colonialism times, visitors get the fantastic opportunity to taste a fusion of different food flavors.

There’s so much to see and do while visiting amazing South Africa. Bear in mind that South Africa is much more than a holiday destination; it’s a life-changing experience. Beautiful people, cultural diversity, epic landscapes, and a memorable wildlife experience makes South Africa a destination worth adding to your bucket list!

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