How to Create an Amazing Outdoor Oasis

How to Create an Amazing Outdoor Oasis

When it comes to renovating our homes, many of us think about updating the kitchen or bathroom, or maybe turning a basement into a fun living space for the whole family to enjoy. But if you’re looking to add more room and function to your home, consider turning your sights to your outdoor living space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, patio or even a large balcony, making the most of that space can help you get more room and give your family a reason to spend more quality time outdoors. Keep reading to learn a few simple tips to help you create your very own outdoor oasis.

Move the Inside Out

Many homeowners have a set idea about what their outdoor patio space should look like. From stiff wicker furniture to standard dining tables, these classic backyard staples aren’t a bad choice, but they may not be the right fit for your family.

Rather than focusing on what normally fills an outdoor space, consider how your family could use the backyard as an extension of the inside of your home. 

For instance, if your family enjoys making dinner together, creating an outdoor kitchen space can give you more space than your cramped kitchen or perhaps inspire you to try new recipes, like wood-fired pizzas.

If you enjoy entertaining, creating an outdoor space that centers around hosting parties and get-togethers will ensure your backyard space best suits your needs, which also means you’ll be more likely to utilize it.

Keep it Cozy

How to Create a Backyard Oasis
Create a picture-perfect patio | photo cred

In the same way that your backyard doesn’t have to fit some outdated traditional guidelines, it also doesn’t need to feel like an outdoor space.

One big trend in backyard decorating is creating spaces that are as comfortable as the inside of your home. 

Oversized outdoor chairs can replace stiff plastic alternatives.

Throw pillows and rugs that are as cute and functional as the one in your living room can help soften concrete and tile floors.

You can even create a dream movie theater by adding a screen and projector and utilizing mattresses to create comfortable, cozy spots to curl up and enjoy a movie under the stars.

Consider the Elements

While your backyard can certainly act as an extension of your home, giving you more space and a beautiful, open-air oasis, it’s important to keep in mind the effect that the elements will have on your design. From rainwater to sun damage, there are plenty of factors at play that can leave your outdoor furniture and décor faded, worn or even covered in mildew.

To prevent this, make sure you’re either choosing furniture designed specifically for outdoor use or modifying pieces to make them durable enough to withstand the elements. For example, while a comfortable mattress can serve as the perfect addition to your backyard oasis, it either needs to be safely concealed in a waterproof, outdoor cover or stashed away where it can’t get wet while it isn’t in use.

Make it Low Maintenance

Collectively Americans spend more than 2.3 billion minutes on lawn care each year. So, if you’re someone who dreads the chore of keeping up with landscaping duties, do yourself a massive favor and keep your backyard oasis as hassle-free as possible.

Low-maintenance shrubs and trees are a better choice over flowers and other plants that need to be constantly weeded and watered. And if you don’t need a yard for dogs or for kids to play in, increasing the size of your patio or deck can also help give you more useable space that’s easy to maintain compared to decorative landscaping or grassy areas.

Creating Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Creating Your Own Outdoor Oasis
When it comes to backyards, bigger isn’t always better. Small outdoor spaces can be just as enjoyable for entertaining in the spring and summer as spacious ones—and tiny yards and patios also mean much less maintenance. | photo cred

From keeping your landscaping low-maintenance to moving your typical indoor spaces outside, these tips can help you turn any sort of backyard or patio into your own oasis. Whether you have a small patio or an expansive backyard, utilizing these tips can help you turn that space into something your family will not only use but also love!

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