How to Create the Things you Want to See in your Life

January is that wonderful time of year when we promise to ourselves that this will be THE year. The year that we finally make positive changes, stick to new helpful habits and achieve the things we really want… Whether it be to get fit, quit the day job, start a business, go travel, find a partner – the chances are you’ve got hopes, dreams, and aspirations that for whatever reason, haven’t quite yet manifested themselves. I’m going to let you into a secret about how I create the things I desire in my life, and how I help others to do the same.

How to Create the Things you Want to See in your Life

For the last 8 months or so, I’ve been working on what I call ‘declarations’, and it’s one of the first things I get my clients to create for themselves too. Declarations are statements that reflect the things we want to achieve, the life we would really love to have, or the person we would love to be, but as though they’ve already happened or as though we already are that person.

For example, I want to be in a long-term relationship, or I want to create a successful business or to create financial freedom.

The declarations presuppose that what I really want has already happened, such as:

‘I am in a loving relationship with a great partner’

‘I am a successful business owner’

‘I am financially free’

But when I am getting my clients’ to create their declarations, they often ask me, ‘how can I create and believe a declaration that blatantly isn’t true yet?’

At first, they find it difficult to really believe these statements because in ‘real life’, they haven’t physically and tangibly become true yet.

But here’s why I get them to do it anyway:

You’re not going to change anything in your life by constantly speaking about things the way they are.

In order to create a new reality, you have to say something that is counter to how reality currently is.

The purpose behind creating declarations is not just to look for physical, tangible evidence for them out in the real world, but also to create the internal experience of things being that way, which can happen regardless of what’s going on in the world.

I’m sure you may have experienced times either with yourself or with others, where reality doesn’t match one’s internal experience.

For example, you can have someone with loads of money who feels poor or someone who is amazing at performing in public and yet feels they did a terrible show or someone who is doing really well at work and yet feels that they are no good enough.

You can create an internal experience of life being a certain way regardless of what evidence tells you. 

And you can use this to your advantage.

By creating a positive internal experience of the person you want to be and the life you want to live, you will start to distort reality and create the new reality that you want.

You will start to act and behave in ways that will result in reality starting to conform because you will be believing and thinking different things to what you’re currently habitually thinking.

But you aren’t going to do that if you’re constantly reporting on how things are right now.

How many times do you sit and complain about things the way they are?

How often do you tell your friends that you’re tired of being single?

How often do you tell people ‘I just am this way’?

How often do you say ‘I’m just not that type of person’

How often do you speak about your reality the way that it currently is – and yet all the while hoping and wishing for it to change?

Instead, try speaking about the reality that you WANT to create, and watch as it starts to unfold

This is what I like to call, ‘being a magician’. Magicians use the phrase ‘abracadabra’, which means ‘I create as I speak’.

Recently I’ve been creating my own internal experience of ‘being a magician’ and feeling the power I have to create any reality I want. And it’s been working.

Literally, the things that I’ve been wanting to create for so long are magically appearing in my life. Like new clients, more money, men I’m interested in dating, more friends, and most importantly, the person I want to be is showing up too. You can do the same simply by changing the language that you use both internally in your mind and externally with other people.

So, to create the things that you really want in 2019create declarations that assume that what you want has already happened, statements about what you want as well as who you want to be. Spend a little time each day visualizing and feeling what it would feel like if it were really true. 
Because when you change your thoughts, you change your life.