How to Eat Healthy While You Are Traveling

How to Eat Healthy While You Are Traveling

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Eating healthy while traveling can seem like a challenge, and many of my friends and family do not make an effort to find or carry healthy food options because they have the idea that it is way too hard!

Well, I am here to say that, that is not true… and eating healthy while traveling IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Learning from my countless travels I have some advice for those of you wishing to avoid eating the rubbish while on the road, and preparation is key for comfortable traveling. And so I thought it would be a great idea to share my tips and travel snacks with havingtimers!

As my partner and I love traveling and trying to eat healthy plays a large part of our lifestyle, so avoiding processed/junk foods can seem like a challenge at times.  It is quite annoying when stopping at a restaurant/cafe while on a road trip and finding no suitable healthy options – raise your hands who’s been in a situation like that! With that said, pre-planning makes road trips a smoother and a happier ride!

How to Eat Healthy While You Are Traveling

  1. PREPARE – think about how many days you are away, how much luggage you are planning to carry or space you might have (whether backpack or suitcase) and any handy utensils, such as a spoon and fork;
  2. DRY/WET FOODS – dry snacks are easier to prepare a few days ahead, but fresh food you want to last the longest, so prepare these closer to your departure date. Packing in ziplock bags are much easier to fit into small luggage spaces, but I like to take a few small plastic boxes as these always come in handy to carry wet/soft foods;
  3. CAFFEINE – Careful with too much caffeine, as you might not be able to get to the loo as much as you planned/expected, plus you want to avoid dehydrating and risking headaches and grumpy moods – traveling is meant to be happy times!
  4. EXTRAS – To make life easier always carry a few extra bits such as a bottle of water, small pack of wet wipes, and tissues;
  5. MOVE – Try to avoid being in the same position for too long and risk getting stiffness or cramps, whether sitting in a car, boat or plane, simple movements will make a big difference and get your blood flowing:

TRY THIS – each exercise for 1 minute = 5 minutes

– rolling your ankles and feet in circles (invigorating your lower blood flow)

– pumping your knees up and down (gets your heart and abs working)

– rolling your shoulders in both directions (reduces back stiffness)

– stretching and rolling your neck gently (wakes up your brain)

– twisting your body from side to side (wake up the spin and core)

📌 Pin It! 10 Best Snack Ideas:

  1. Box of mixed nuts and seeds
  2. Box of dried fruits – raisins, apricots, mango, and dates
  3. Chopped carrots
  4. Fresh apples
  5. Box of grapes
  6. Falafels (homemade or buy the day before from a local shop)
  7. Herbal tea packets
  8. Dry cereal (I prefer to make my own otherwise I like ‘Dorset nutty muesli’)
  9. Health bars/cookies (I prefer to make my own otherwise I like ‘NAKD’ bars)
  10. Peanut butter jar  

Let me know about your travel hacks when it comes to eating healthy on the road! Leave your ideas in the comment section below 🙂

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