How to Find Inner Peace that Endures

By Tina Zarlenga

how to find inner peace

“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” – Gandhi

How to Find Inner Peace that Endures

The promise of the season awakens my sense of renewal as I inhale an elative breath. The crisp air catches in my throat as I step into the abundant sun. Listening to the chatty sparrows pierce the air with song during their symphony of clatter ushers my emotions to life as I drink in their happiness.

Withdrawing to this place of quiet inspires the grace to discover beauty amongst the angst that broke my heart. Leaning into the wake envelops me in softness and allows me to breathe while slowly churning through my tangled soul. This simple process provides the pathway for the fractured pieces to move into the scenery.

Grief’s waves persist, exhausting with swells of heartbreak rising like the tide. This continuous bleed of emotions unravels me from grieving to grateful in a torrent of feelings. Even years after the loss of my son, this identity still fills me with trepidation as I vacillate through sadness in search of light, marinating with a longing for what was.

Drenched in Sadness, I stumble to gather reasons to persevere, discovering the power of compassion as I amble across the dirt-covered trails, allowing gratitude to seep into my heart insulating the warmth I choose to assemble.

never give up quotes

The radiance magically unfolds in the sunshine creating a pause in my stride to admire its beauty. Often a tug of melancholy creeps in and I fight to ignore its friendship, while the moments outdoors reflect the gratitude I am in search of, slowly mending the veiled darkness I stumble to heal.

Embracing a clear view of joy can be difficult to seize during the conflicts of grief, often absent in a state of guilt, the sadness sneaks in and captures my authority as I fight to extinguish its charms.

Discovering a positive lift while admiring nature’s grandeur rescues me from the emptiness that hustles in by placing me within the glistening of joy, a natural place providing beauty and solitude, and I consume it like a refreshing ale.

With the pinecones blanketing the earth, I crunch through what is left of the path. The breeze awakens the branches, and they groan in a slow coarse melody. Further along the path, the coolness drapes me with serenity, presenting a soft place to unravel the pain. Noticing each breath as it escapes in a perfect rhythm of calm, I find my center.

Some of our greatest lessons arrive with these impossible aches…

As I identify the spirit that inspires grace, I release the twist of sadness and with times tender balm, move into the calm. Endless prompts from nature create this nudge of passion as my soul begins to heal.

Embracing the time to recharge is an offering of grace that allows peace within the sadness is delivering the stability I strive to achieve.

Establishing a rendezvous to recapture the imagination once held by rekindling your wonder with the outdoors. A thirty-minute walk can change my attitude while rebuilding the confidence I seek, and with enough practice, I begin to notice all the gratitude in the tiny details unfolding before me.

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