How to Live the Life of Your Dreams: 3 Things You Need to Do

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“Pursue your dreams. You will be amazed about what you can achieve.”― Lailah Gifty Akita

One thing I’ve learned so far: dreams do come true, sometimes beyond our wildest expectations! I had the picture of Miracle Garden in Dubai pinned on my vision board. I had the gray off the shoulder dress with the white stripes and a belt around the waist pinned on my vision board as well. In less than six months after pinning them, I was walking in the Miracle Garden in the dress, I was dreaming off. It was almost a surreal experience. Just before the add hock plan of flying to Dubai, I found my “dream dress” on my favorite fashion website in India. Mind-boggling! Dream of my own and my mentor life coach’s dream to give a motivational speech together came true in Rotterdam two weeks ago, and it was a success!

Visiting Netherlands was a memorable experience: I am a girl who loves flowers, and I came to the land of flowers!

Recently, I got across of old journal of mine, which I was writing while I was in college. It almost made me cry to read all the lines I was writing that time: “I want to be a person who will inspire other people to live their best life and be happier, discover their full potential…”. Those words were repeating all over the journal. I did not know that time that I am going to be a life coach, and today, four-five years after, I am doing exactly what I desired with all of my heart for a living: inspiring and helping people to live their best life, succeed and live their dreams.

I was writing in that journal how I discovered my passion for writing in Journalism college and how I started writing articles that are impacting other people’s lives and how it makes me happy. In the meantime, I wrote over four hundred articles in my native language and in English. I was even earning my income as a freelance writer for two and half years. I had an article published in favorite magazine Sensa (a big dream of mine), and I was also featured in TinyBuddha, The Huffington Post, HavingTime and even the COSMOPOLITAN magazine (which was beyond my wildest dreams).

Dreams do come true and even beyond our wildest dreams, and here’s what I’ve learned so far…

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

1. Own Your Dreams

Do not be scared that your dreams are “too big” or impossible to achieve. Your dreams are yours for a reason: if you do dream about a certain thing or a job or a type of person you do resonate with that on a very deep level in your heart and soul, and you do have what it takes to make it happen. You have to believe it before you see it revealing in your reality. Declaring your dreams to yourself, to the Universe, to other people, to your journal, onto your vision board… is the act of your faith that your dreams are possible to achieve!

2. Start Living Your Dream (symbolically) Every Single Day

To make your dream a reality you have to not only envision your dream and desire it with all of your heart, but you need to also believe in it and take aligned actions with your dream, even if you do not know how or when it will happen.

I did not know that I will become a life coach four-five years ago. I only knew that I wanted to inspire and help people to live their best life and be happier. But I did write inspiring articles and my blog, I co-created an online self-help magazine for women, I was sharing inspirational quotes on my Facebook profile… I was behaving in alignment with my desires every single day and that later on lead to me living my dream.

If you want to follow your DREAMS, you have to say no to all the alternatives.

Perhaps you do not know how your dream will unfold, but you do know your true desires: make sure you are taking aligned action towards your dream every single day. Bigger and more massive action you take (in terms of money and time: like enrolling into desired education program for your dream job, starting your business, hiring a life coach, investing your time into a project or an activity that you are passionate about..) you will show to yourself and the entire Universe that you are ready, that you believe it is possible, that you are committed, that you are serious, that you really, deeply, profoundly want it and that you are willing to do whatever it takes. Only with that kind of mindset you can make it happen even if it seems impossible right now!

3. Know That Hard Work Pays Off (ALWAYS) 

If you have big dreams, then you might need to work hard on making them your reality. This one thing I know for sure: hard work pays off – always. Now, I do believe in good luck and law of attraction, but I also believe and know that luck follows those who are brave and that law of attraction favors the hustlers. Success and living the dream is never a coincidence: there are years of hustling, grinding, hard work and time and money invested in the background hidden: always.

My blog went viral after two years of consistency in blogging: after that moment I became a “famous” blogger in the niche, and I started getting many opportunities, invitations, and even earning money as a freelance writer for two and half years. 

I call it a “tipping point” – when suddenly your dream becomes a reality. But to reach that tipping point you need to work hard for a while, sometimes for a long period. Most of the people quit on their dreams because they are expecting it to be “get rich quick scheme” or “visualize it, chant affirmations and it will manifest” kind of thing.

Yes, visualization is must, having the right mindset is must, a good strategy is must, but hard work is must too. Do not be afraid to work hard to make your dreams come true: it is a part of the journey and the bigger thing you want to achieve and experience, the harder you might need to work for it. Don’t be scared of hustling, grinding, working hard…

Many people were calling me a fool for writing and blogging for free for two years and investing so much of my time, energy and talent. Today, many of those same people say “You are so lucky! I wish I had your life!”…

Really? Well, I can only say that I wish they were working hard on their dream as I worked on mine, and that luck follows the hustlers and those who are brave enough to take the risk and “be a fool.” Well, sometimes being a “fool” is the smartest thing you can be…

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