How to Make Time For Self-Care No Matter How Busy You Are

How to Make Time For Self-Care No Matter How Busy You Are

Busy life often leaves no time for self-care to unwind and de-stress. Half of us are running on an empty tank, stretching ourselves too thin which affects our work, our relationships, and overall well-being. But guess what, we can’t pour from an empty cup and truly be there for others when we can’t even take care of our needs. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

How to Make Time For Self-Care No Matter How Busy You Are


Many people are cranky because they don’t get enough exercise. 

You can start by going for short walks for fresh air, which can do wonders for your health and overall well-being. You will have a clear mind, giving you the ability to look at things from a different perspective, while keeping your body moving.

Other benefits include an efficient digestion, improved mood, a stronger immune system and a stable heart rate/blood pressure. You will feel more energetic, thus making it possible for you to get things done without procrastinating.

📌Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. – Jim Rohn

Say YES to Meditation

You can always count on meditation to align yourself in such a way where you can deal with stress and a busy life much more effectively.

Meditation means different things to different people. Something simple like enjoying the silence and closing your eyes to feel the world around you through your senses is one way to slow things down. It is no different from how you would switch off your car, but in this case, you are seeking your inner pool of calm through relaxation and silence.

As already mentioned earlier, you can meditate in a variety of different ways. Whatever you do, just make sure you meditate first thing in the morning, and on a daily basis.

📌 Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take action. Take action and, your feelings will change. – Barbara Baron

Make it Social!

For self-care and de-stressing, you can always rely on your friends and family.

As absurd as it may seem, you can better yourself by leaps and bounds by talking to people, especially those you are close to.

The idea here is to socialize with your friends and family, this will allow you to blow some steam off. By opening up about problems and concerns, you could get answers to questions you were stuck with.

📌 When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.

Emotional support goes a long way, and if you have that from your friends and family, there is no reason you should not be able to overcome the daily grievances that cause your stress levels to rise.

Plan Ahead

If you get a head start by waking up and leaving the house early, you won’t have to deal with traffic and the stress that comes along with it.

To be more punctual, you will need to plan and prepare for the next day. Lay out your clothes and pack your lunch at night so you are ready to head out wasting no time in the morning.

According to a study, when 10 billionaires were asked about their habits, they all stated that they had a good morning routine including laying out their clothes at night for the next day. Could there be a direct relationship between this habit and wealth?


Stop Juggling and Do One Thing at a Time

You may think you are making tremendous progress by multitasking, but you are mistaken. Those who claim multi-tasking is the way to go are giving terrible advice, and there is research to back this up.

A study conducted by Stanford asked students to carry out tasks using their work memory, reviewing irrelevant information and switching tasks. The study was conducted under the assumption multi-taskers would outdo those that are non-multi-taskers. The results? The multitaskers were terrible at everything. Based on findings from the research, when multi-taskers focused on one task alone, their brain was less effective than non-multi-taskers.


Focus on getting one thing done at a time, without juggling everything at once.

Achieve a Balance Between Work-Life

Contrary to popular belief, working too much is not the primary cause of stress. Although, it can have a negative impact on your health.

To de-stress and find time for self-care from your busy schedule, you need to achieve a work-life balance. This means you need to:

  • Take vacations.
  • Prepare for the week that is to come.
  • Celebrate each and every holiday.
  • Automate as much as you can.
  • Assign specific work hours.  

Change things for the better, and focus on your own needs, you are worthy of it. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

📌 Invest in yourself. Meditate. Read. Eat healthy food. Drink water. Move your body. Spend time in nature. Rest up. You are worthy.

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